That Backed Up Toilet Bowl Story

Who would have ever thought that we would see the things that we are seeing transpiring right in front of our eyes in this country called the United States Of America? I mean, great countries and and empires have gone through their rise and fall and we should not think of ourselves who live here as any different!

Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – You Are My Heaven

We have attached God’s name to everything that we do and feel as though we are some type of “savior” on a global level but the fact remains that we are not! We have done so many wonderful things while at the same time we have committed countless acts of terror! Now the point of my sharing these expressions is not to start an argument to bash America, no, I won’t do that as so many facts are now coming out and surfacing as to the wicked deeds this government has been a part of that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the righteousness that they claim as a Christian nation. As the most ungodly, nonspiritual, racist, segregated, sexist heathen nation ever to exist in recorded history, I can’t bash this place anymore than the revelation of  it’s TRUE history can……a place that although it is roughly one sixth of the world’s population, it consumes approximately 94% of the WORLD’S HARD DRUGS!

But I want to maybe make you think on a different level only if just for a few moments about how divided we are and who stands to benefit from us being as separated as we are!

Overall, we are so tense and uptight because of the economy, our health benefits, our pensions, social security, crime, quality of life, personal relationships, spiritual bankruptcy and the general feeling of emptiness that living a substitute existence can bring. In the sickened imbalanced state of mind that we possess, we have become clannish and tribal toward each other. It is so very easy to find something that is different about each other as though we can’t find a common bond that could allow Gods love to flow through all of us to build a better, improved beautiful world for our subsequent generations to live in. We as a society and world have truly regressed overall and I personally do not see an end in sight as Biblical prophesy plays itself out in these times.

All I can say to those who have a tiny sense of what is going on is that we should prepare ourselves for some rough times and if we do so, it really shouldn’t be so bad if we heed the signs! Would you go surfing when you were warned of an impending category five hurricane about to make landfall in a few hours? NO!

Would you find yourself flying a kite in the midwest plains as a tornado approached? I don’t think so!

How about playing golf in Central Florida as a lightning storm strikes down around you? I don’t know, some of you have been known to continue playing anyway but I KNOW I wouldn’t!

The bottom line is that these times call for a particular action and most of us are so complacent in our being receptive to the signals that we are doing a slow waltz into death and total enslavement! We have lost touch not only with each other, but with our own spirituality and in essence our only connection to that higher power! Imagine, a disconnect from our very loving omnipotent God!

We all need to look past the differences in each other and find that God force that exists in us all. We are all one! No matter WHAT we call ourselves to differentiate our positioning from each other! We were all crafted by the mighty all knowing hands of the SAME GOD! Wake up from the tricks of the devil fool! Who cares what you call yourself? You sound so foolish! “I am a Buddist, and in our religion, we do things much differently from you Muslims!” “I am a Christian, and those Krishnas won’t have that glazed smile on their face when hellfire waxes their ass!” “I am a Jew, and everyone knows that we are God’s CHOSEN people!”


The more I hear you religious madmen (And madwomen!) argue your point of view on what is the right way and why everyone else is wrong makes me understand how dumb you really are because this world is on the brink off destruction and all you can do is argue something that won’t save us from our collective doom!

We are missing the point here!

Now skip over these next few words if you don’t won’t to hear something very nasty………

Let’s imagine that there were a few religious figures attending some type of major convention and during a break in their affairs they all headed over to use the restroom to take a number 2 (Making “do-do” for those of you who don’t know what that is! LOL!)

Now I won’t name every religion on the face of the earth to show diversity in this example, but imagine there was a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, an Atheist and a Buddhist all in this restroom about to stink it up. There are five private toilet stalls for their use and OH BOY did they use it well! Now after they have completed the nasally offensive festivities, they all realize that the toilets DO NOT FLUSH!!!!!!! “Oh no,” exclaims the Christian man, “What are we going to do now! It wouldn’t be the Christ like thing just to walk away and leave such a mess for the cleaning person to discover!”

“Seems like we are stuck! But I know for a FACT that Mohammad (PBOH) would NOT approve of leaving such an unsanitary condition behind even IF the cleaning attendant WAS a non believer, it wouldn’t be a good representation of what a Muslim wants the world to see OR smell!”

“As a Jew, even though we OWN the toilet company and will get to fixing these faulty bowls on the double first thing in the morning, we would not want the world to think that we are unkempt because as God’s chosen, we must make sure to remain a clean people!”

“As a Buddhist, I know Buddha would find some divine reason why four holy men and an athiest are stuck in the restroom where the toilets don’t flush, but it wouldn’t be a good thing for someone to see me leave behind such a load because they will proclaim that Buddhism is a VERY NASTY religion indeed!

“Now I had to sit here and here you religious holy rollers make a big deal about leaving a load in a bowl that doesn’t flush! Come on fellas! What’s the big deal! You don’t see ME stressing over dumping that hot load of a meal that I had earlier from the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Buffet! Hell, if we ALL were to leave right now and NOT say a word, who would know who was guilty of our crimes? SHIT IS SHIT! I will give up my life savings to anyone who can come into this bathroom and tell me what Jew shit looks like! What a Christian turd looks like! What a Muslim crap looks like! And what a Buddhist dodo looks like! Now, I am an Athiest and I don’t believe in ANY of the things that you claim on a so called spiritual level but I will tell you this! Shit is shit is shit! And the ONLY way that you can tell THIS Athiest man’s shit from all the rest is that I had three extra helpings of corn so when you look back into MY bowl, you will know my signature CRAP!”

Get the point?

Sorry if I offended anyone but it’s the truth! We are all fashion from the same God! Yes, there are some topical differences that will leave some with a higher propensity in certain areas of expertise….meaning? Okay, I am created under law as an equal when compared to the basketball legend in the making Lebron James right? But does that mean that we are created EQUALLY? NO! If I were to step out onto the basketball court with him, I wouldn’t stand a CHANCE! I could have used an intellectual example or a spiritual example, but I chose to utilize a physical one. So there will be differences that will reveal themselves but under law we are equal and God loves us ALL the same!

So while we ALL should get together in unity and build the “Noah’s Ark” that will save us from the perilous times ahead, we are separated and entertained with our faces glued to our smart phones, computers and television and it will be OUR DOOM!

Satan knows oh so well what was meant when the term was coined “United We Stand, Divided We Fall!”

Because THAT is what is going on in the world at this time and as long as we are TOO GOOD in our mind to mix with other people because “they do not believe in what I believe in” then we are falling into the trap and actually doing the devil’s work FOR HIM!

And for that he is so very pleased………….

He will thank you for your precious help in the fiery pits of HELL!

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