That Malignant Tumor Called Money, Wealth & Greed

Money is a very emotional issue for many people whether they care to admit it or not, it’s an issue that can ruin lives and snatch your sanity in the twinkling of an eye as well as cause your spouse to be a memory at the sign of the first zero balance statement.

It used to be where money was merely a means of having a fare transaction for services rendered or items purchased but in 2013 it means a whole lot more.

The downsides and negative aspects of money are comparable to a malignant tumor that has spread to every aspect of our lives infecting it with a “get money at all costs” mindset. It is deadly because it moves undetected amongst the masses and only rears its ugly head when a situation arises to show what that person has become from within by their self centered attitude, greed and narcissism when feeling superior to all on a financial level.

Money these days has become a thing that is attached to our self esteem, long ago one would feel a sense of empowerment from an accomplishment that required hard work and discipline, now it’s not about the area of expertise that it took to get the funds but about getting the cash at all costs regardless of what you have to do to get it.


Back in the old days when you saw a really expensive luxury car, you would say to yourself: “Wow! That really must be someone important who owns that car, maybe a doctor or a lawyer!” But the sad thing these days is that the doctor or the lawyers don’t even want to drive the vehicles of their choice because of the bad reputation that those who took the illegal shortcuts to gaining lots of cash have placed on them.

The accomplished men and women of the present day don’t want to be mistaken for drug dealers, crooks or mobsters!

It’s a damn shame how this has happened.

At some point we gave up the desire to earn money the right way through discipline, sacrifice and hard work and have elected to do just about anything to get that piece of paper in our hands. We will kill one another, prostitute with anyone if the price is right and even turn our back on the very God who gave us life if this intoxicant called money is waved under our nostrils long enough.

Having lots of quick money is not the only game in town, there are those who never tasted lots of money and deep down know that they never will and have settled for merely appearing that they have deep pockets! Isn’t that sick? So we settle for looking rich instead of taking the long often slow road to building wealth that lasts over generations.

We take actually joy in wearing the fraudulent name brand designer outfits out and about the world knowing good and damn well that after wearing it once or twice it is ready for the trash can! But that’s okay, because as long as those green eyed onlookers think that it cost a million that’s all that counts.

Women, especially in the lower income communities will rock a bootleg Gucci handbag in a minute and cause those ladies who actually have the entire collection to be too ashamed to wear them out on special occasions because of the association with the common street element. It’s just not an exclusive thing anymore.

So why is it that we go to these great lengths not only to attain lots of money but to appear like we do when in fact some of us are so broke that even their roaches moved out due to their extreme hunger endured? We as a people have become so empty inside and have forgotten about the real feeling of accomplishment and acknowledged for something that you’ve achieved in this life.

Wealth & Greed

When we do the things that we do illegally to get this money, we still lack the fullness of joy inside that one possesses that worked hard for it honestly. Even if the principled individual never made as much money in their life as the thief, they will still have a greater feeling because they knew that they did it in a way that is pleasing to God.

But to go even deeper, the majority of the population has been seduced into thinking that more money will bring the joy in their hearts that they so desperately crave in a world devoid of love, caring and selflessness. I mean, really look at it, we work two and three jobs just to make ends meet and couldn’t tell anyone when you had a break or even a warm loving time with those to whom you love, but looking back when we were younger, having a good time didn’t mean that we had to have lots of cash in hand at all! It was all about the connectedness and time spent with our family and friends, and they didn’t give a damn how much was in your pockets they just wanted to be with you.

…….Oh how times have changed.

Money ain’t money anymore. It’s that imaginary high that we all reach for but never get. More money is printed yet it’s value never goes up but in actuality is diminished. Financial musical chairs! A dry well with muddy water at the bottom! It’s not back by anything of value anymore. It’s no better than Monopoly money but you couldn’t tell by the way that we sell our souls for it. It’s a means of control over us by the evil entities in high places and it ties in with the strongholds and spiritual wickedness that has run amok over the land.

Money is now the guillotine that hangs over our heads to pressure us at every turn that if we don’t continue to make it flow in our lives then we will HAVE no life! Therefore since the source of this money for most of us is our jobs, we feel an even higher pressure at the workplace and this is why when we lose our jobs we now go POSTAL!

I mean, the little money that we make doesn’t go as far as it used to and what we have left we have to make ends meet with but just can’t seem to accomplish even THAT! It’s almost like a six foot person sleeping in a cold room with a five foot comforter, you have to decide what is more important to keep warm, either your head or your feet. But no matter WHAT you decide, SOMETHING is going to get left out…….

We have become so money minded and are paranoid that we will run out of it that we have to see the financial gain in everything that we do. That man or woman who is a potential mate looks even better when they have more material goods under their belt than us. We have forgotten to look at the persons character traits and more into their bank account and what we will get if we go through a divorce with them…….this is even BEFORE they even GET married! Talk about ’till death do us part?

Money & Sex

We no longer look to preserve our lives at all costs even if we don’t have much to show for our time on this earth but will quickly tell a person to “hit me with your car because I will sue!” What about the pain of the injury? HA! Some people only see the money that they can get from any situation…….

This is why one must question WHY is someone always hanging around them? What is the motivation for this new entity coming around me when they don’t even know me like that? Nine times out of ten it is only for what they can get from you in the form of money or some indirect benefit that will save them money.

So imagine what it must be like for a person of TRUE means?

They HAVE to move about the earth in a manner that will have most saying that they are paranoid. But why shouldn’t they? Heck, I’m a regular blue collar working guy and I have so many swearing up and down that I am working on my job just for show! Well put it this way, if I was THEY would never know if it’s true or not! LOL!

Holding Hands

What we need to do is to get back to the basics of loving ourselves for who we are and not what baubles or trinkets that we happen to have at the present time. We can sure lose those material items but if we have true self esteem and a deep God centered love for one another then money will once again become a mere seasoning to the great meal that is us instead of becoming the main course that it is now.

Just remember, true love of God, self and others cannot be negotiated like an interest rate by the Fed.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Always Bold Non Negotiable Brother,




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