That Old Fool Might Have Some Wisdom To Share With You!

“That old fool might have some wisdom to share with you!”

Remember that saying that the old ladies used to share when you refused to hear the much needed common sense in your youth when it seemed to come from someone who didn’t have their act together?

You didn’t listen but you eventually learned! You disagreed with the common sense that someone to whom you deemed ignorant and you paid the price!

It’s a beautiful thing when mature adults can agree to disagree. It takes an understanding that the world is a bigger than those who have the ability to disagree amicably.

You will have your biggest challenge in getting someone who has not ever been exposed to anything much more than the narrow world around them to speak in a respectful manner to another who disagrees with them because THEIR world is all they know.

So when expressing your opinions to one with a limited scope you cannot allow yourself to become easily angered when they vehemently disagree with you because you know they can’t compare to your experiences.

Never argue with ignorance, you are wasting your time BIG TIME. and when I say ignorance I just don’t only mean those who don’t have the book sense, because even those with college degrees of higher learning can become narrow minded and blinded by the very education that was supposed to set their minds free with the expansion of information that was now afforded them.

So it is not only merely having knowledge or not having it because both sides of the spectrum can be damaging in a manner that prohibits one from truly absorbing the perspectives of another. Either end of the mental spectrum is so absolute that it almost guarantees a resistance to absorbing another way of thinking that will inhibit ones growth in the end.

Toothless Old Man

We also have to understand that as people we are always in a constant state of growth and that the person to whom you’ve debated with two years ago to the point where it almost came to blows is now forever changed because of the information you shared with them at that time and has now grown to agree with you after it took a time to sink in.

So when you find that other reject your viewpoint you have to have some thick skin and let it roll off because if you are truly correct or close to it, life will support what you shared and will remind that person each and every time they see how wrong they were. So don’t beat yourself down when it comes to the disagreements that we have in this life, especially when a person is still early in their life’s walk and doesn’t understand things fully.

Earlier on our Monday Night Open Discussion Forum we displayed to the world how wonderful it can be when adults discuss their deepest differences in such a respectful manner, we got passionate but in that passion we all treated each other in an ultra civil manner.

I broke it down in one of my appropriate analogies like this…….

“Many of us do not fully understand that we are all different branches on the very same tree. Some of us are higher up on the tree and above all of the other branches and some others are low hanging branches that rarely get the opportunity to soak in the best rays of the sun or enjoy the views that being higher up on the tree can afford.

While being a low hanging branch may seem like a bad thing, those branches are closer to the people that walk by the tree and get touch more and adored. They may not have the grand positioning of the top branches, but if that tree had to fall it doesn’t have that far to fall because it is more down to earth.

The middle branches may be out of touch with those people who pass by yet they feel the same weight of being below the branches above it. Their feeling of being disenfranchised can be even more intense because they are often overshadowed and isolated because they are in the middle, yet they are crucial because they are the go between between the bottom and the top.

Tree Branches

But where ever the branches and leaves find themselves on the tree, they are ALL crucial to the health of the tree because of the sun’s energy caught on the leaf and brought down to the body of that tree that supports all of the branches back in turn. So each precious part of this living mechanism is a necessary part that helps out with the whole.

Even the dead leaves that fall off of the tree serve a purpose in that when they fall off onto the ground below the tree, the decomposed¬† matter of the dead leaf feeds and nourishes the ground and in turn helps the tree grow more so because of its death.”

So even those who may disagree with us at the present moment, in the death of their ignorance will come a willing spirit to learn from our perspective and will bring life to something that they vehemently disagreed with.

So again, in our maturity we have got to look beyond their narrow view which came from a limited set of experiences and give them time to mature so that they can now embrace a thing that at one time they just couldn’t see.

We all had those who had to endure our ignorance in order to allow us to see life for what it is from a better perspective. Just because YOU may be advanced on some level to a certain degree, it doesn’t mean that you are better but it does mean that you should possess a little patience to maybe teach them something to stimulate them into a more accelerated growth. Trust me, you are doing somebody a favor down the line!

Let me say this in my closing, it is better to share your earned knowledge with those who are seeking it than to with hold it from the world that so desperately needs it. For you to “fertilize” the earth with your earned wisdom is to ensure that those who live behind you like that tree will have a better life and your reward in what we refer to as death will be greater.

This life is a cycle and a system created by the most high. Learn to see the parallels between all things in the physical that reflect a lesson on the spiritual plane and you will be able to navigate this earth in a way that will bedazzle most who only go on they physical evidence that they see. Remember that others had patience with you and it is your duty to have patience with others. And while you may know a little more than most because of your education, experience and awareness, you must know that there are others who know much more than you that you can learn from!

This is why healthy dialogue is very important, and having the ability to know that everyone has something relevant to say even if they seem to have less education than you. For their experiences could have molded them in a special way that could help you put together the missing pieces of a personal puzzle that would give you a monumental moment of awareness that would have otherwise been lost if you dismissed that person as an intellectual underling.

Always keep an open mind and you will gather truth and wisdom at an accelerated rate that will bring your well trained, programmed and completely blinded enemies to a halt when they witness the power that you possess from within.

You will learn so much more when traveling to a strange foreign country by dialoguing with those who actually live there and know the place as opposed to studying an outdated book that doesn’t talk back!

Learn to speak to everyone in a respectful manner and you will be surprised how much better that you will come away from the conversations as opposed to someone who is close minded!

…….just a ramble and my two cents!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Talkative Brother,



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