That Powerless Intoxicant Called Fear!

Good Morning Family!

I’ve been praying for all of you and I just wanted to share a few words that were placed on my heart this morning. I want us all to pray today collectively at 12 o’clock as there is someone who feels defeated and may not have the strength at this time to speak up so let’s cry out to the Heavens for them to break the shackles of oppression that have taken hold on their life…….:

That Powerless Intoxicant Called Fear!

For too many of us fear is the motivation to stay put in a life of mediocrity rather than shedding its shackles in order to be free to move into our new destiny.

Fear to me is just like that defenseless little bird in the wild that really cannot do any harm to the predator that is higher up on the food chain and has become an immediate threat because of its need for an immediate rush of some much needed nutrition. That defenseless creature may not possess the strength to stop the attack coming its way but can literally scare the living daylights out of its predator by having the ability to spread its wings to appear so much bigger than what it really is while emitting a  frightening shrill shriek that sends a message to the predator that it is in immediate danger and better not even attempt to try to make a meal of this imposing creature in front of it.

The predator has just been bluffed and didn’t even know it while the defenseless little bird will live to see another day.

Now while I am not calling anyone here who reads these words a predator, I say to you that just like that predator who was in search of its next escape from hunger, you have been duped once again by the powerless spirit called fear from stepping your life up to the next level while choosing to be comfortable in the place that is actually doing your life more damage than that illusion that scared you to stay put in the first place!

How sad.

We often find ourselves making excuses in our lives to ourselves in an attempt to explain our stagnation to others while trying to make sense of why we haven’t progressed one bit while others who have much less have ascended to greater places while working with much less.

Never fault yourself for inhaling those crippling vapors called fear, we all have become frightened unnecessarily for one reason or another, there is nothing wrong with that. What I am trying to get many that  speak to here that read the expressions that I share on a regular basis is that you must HURL yourself into the direction of where your fear resides to conquer it directly, swiftly and victoriously because it really is not as imposing as it appears to be!


Now let me get something straight, I am telling you to go downtown to walk on the ledge outside of a window on one of the top stories of that building on a viciously windy day in order to conquer your fear of heights because that would be foolish and it may land you in a bloody heap once that wind blows a little too hard!

I am not telling you to walk down the street of the most dangerous crime ridden ‘hoods three o’clock in the morning with the entire amount of your cashed paycheck dangling out from you back pocket swaying “too and fro” in order to get over your fear of the ghetto because you and your money will definitely not last too long in that set of circumstances as the predators in THAT jungle just won’t back off after a shrill shriek and the spreading of your wings in an aggressive manner. You will get laughed at and probably wake up the next morning in the hospital without a clue as to what happened to you.

But when it is a progressive path placed in front of you and you KNOW that your God has made a way for you to be preserved throughout all of the hell that you’ve had to endure in this life to make it this far, you are to forge forward in FULL FORCE into your destiny because while you may not know the beautiful things that await you in that new world, the negative forces do and they do NOT want to see you basking in bliss in the bosom of God’s blessing for you as they have nothing in their hearts for you but the worst!

So what you may fear is POWERLESS to stop you unless you fall victim to the lies!

Fear none but God and know that as long as you stay obedient to HIM that there is NO DEVIL that can stop you from being that person that you’ve always wanted to cultivate yourself into being or going to the place that you KNOW is awaiting you on a righteous level.

Never cut your dreams because you may feel that you are not good enough!

If you want to go back to school then make every move that you need to do in order to make this happen. If you happen to be in the presence of those who do not want better for themselves then you will have to cut them off in order to clean your spiritual filters to see where God wants yo to go!

And never feel bad about cutting the crap out of your life in the form of people! They will remind you what they did for you back twenty years ago and will be prepared to through things up in your face of what you may have indulged in from way back when you made poor choices and foolish moves but NEVER allow them to define who you are from your past because they, unlike God, have NO DEALINGS in what you are to become in YOUR FUTURE! Cut them off!

Continue to write the new glorious chapters in your life from the hard earned wisdom that came from when you fell in your life before. Never allow anyone to hold over your head the times that you fell repeatedly and if they do then remind them about how many damn times you got right back up!

You have nothing to fear my friend and if you want to break free of a dead end job and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices that it it will take to get there to a new financial situation then talk to YOUR GOD about it and move forward with a sense of urgency that will surely piss the naysayers off!

If you want to lose weight, get healthier, travel the world, cleanse your life, dump that toxic relationship, make new friends or just plain ole’ reinvent yourself then by all means talk to THE ONE who created the entire universe and has that divine purpose for you and get your instructions and guidance ONLY FROM HIM and who He chooses to work through!

Now get to work on working on the new you while the others work hard to keep you being the old you with the powerless intoxicant called fear!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,


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Dan Abia
July 20, 2012 1:27 AM

Great piece Lance. More life-transforming articles like this!

Dan Abia
Reply to  Dan Abia
July 20, 2012 3:00 AM

I've not been fan of Juanita Bynum.In fact I've been quite critical of her but I accept her for her honesty and willingness to admit her wrong. That shows she's on the road to recovery. As long as men live in the flesh there will be slip ups. We thank God for his mercy and he sufficient grace.

Godson Osisiogu
Reply to  Dan Abia
July 20, 2012 2:10 AM

Dan, tnk u 4 dis link abt fear,did u also read stuff abt Juanita Bi-num's confession of lesbianism? God have mercy, u wonder how so called spirit-filled men & women of God wit influence are worming their way to hell gradually. its a pity!

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