That Soulmate That We Missed Out On In This Life Was Just One Evil Glance And A Terrible Attitude Away!

When you finally know who that ONE is, you cannot ever think of a day going by without waking up to them. When you finally know who your God given hand crafted only for you soul-mate is, the entire world appears to look so different than it ever has before.

The things that once annoyed you merely bring a smirk to your face because your love extinguishes any pain that your adversaries once brought to you. You look to thank your once so called enemies because of all of the frustration that they brought to your life so that you now can enjoy the sweetness of the love that you have now and the contrast of joy that you now have showered over you every minute of your existence.


When once you thought that you may have been forsaken by your God to because of that deep rooted loneliness that you felt over the years and countless nights, you realie that nothing good comes before its time because every ounce of yearning and frustration that you felt when all alone has now been cleansed out of your system every time you hold your baby close to you to be intoxicated in a world of your own.

You realize that you don’t even need the validation of the laws of the land to qualify what mutually flows so strong from within your heart for one another, no, you don’t need a piece of paper between the both of you to truly be married and to bring about supreme divinity to your union.

Twin Flame Candle

The pull of slumber is such a wonderful thing when succumbing to it with your love as you both wrap down so nicely and fit so perfectly like a brand new puzzle straight out the box. This is when you know that you were made for each other because as you blend and join onto to each other you will not know where they end and you begin.

No one will understand the feeling of true love between two soul-mates, no one until being blessed to be in such a rare union can appreciate the high octane energy that comes from the connection of the parts that make up you and them.

You will come to understand that although your past unions may have not worked out, they merely didn’t because they weren’t the one that you were supposed to be with in the first place. They were cheap filler and a fake cardboard cut out when compared to the one true Queen or King that enters your life and is the designated mate made just for you.

Too many times we attempt to force a relationship with someone who is not really meant for us but because in our infantile thinking no one else was around so we grabbed the closest thing that looked good and tried to foolishly make the best of it with the dire consequences that followed. HA! The stupid things that we did to avoid loneliness and ran straight into heartache! Sure, hindsight is 20/20 but even when going through it deep down you knew that you were lying to yourself.

…….and we say to ourselves that it would be so much different if we could ever get the chance to do it again. Tough luck. You will NEVER get the chance to do it again in the past but you will always get the opportunity to use your hard-earned wisdom to make sure that you make the right choices in the present this time around!

You see, once you learn some sense from the unnecessary mishaps that our poor choices can bring, God has a way of bringing you to His intended romantic reality for your life and when you see it plain as day in front of you, you must grab hold of it really hard with all of your might and the strength that you could muster from your soul. No matter what storms are swirling over your life you must not let go of that one who will bring you Heaven on earth when all hell breaks loose on the planet.

Too many of us have allowed the past disasters to force us to see that the love that we need so bad is right here before our eyes. It’s a shame that we miss our blessings because of the jacked up mentalities and strangely accrued idiosyncrasies that we choose to waltz through life with as though they will help us gain what we truly crave so bad.

Too get true love in this life you have to be fearless! When you finally know who that one is, you must refuse to digest the seeds of doubt that the world is sure to drop in your path in order for you to become like the abundance of mediocre who litter the horizon.

Kissing Couple

If you cannot love without fear then you aren’t really loving at all. If you happen to not be attached to your soulmate as of yet, do them a favor before they come into your life by detoxifying yourself emotionally in order to be ready for them and to be able to receive maximum contact on a heart to heart level.

The worst thing is for a person to meet their soul-mate but possess the crud that came from the bad experiences of the past. They don’t deserve it and you will rob yourself of the one true love that was meant for you from God.

Everyone receives the chance to have that one true love in their life, will you be ready to receive them when they arrive in your life or will you turn them away and push them into the arms of another from your lack of preparedness?

Don’t let that be you!

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February 23, 2012 6:46 PM

That was beautiful said

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