That Temporary Feeling Of An Imposter Love That Comes From Riding The Merry Go ‘Round Of Lust!

How come so many of us are guilty of falling in love after having an explosive orgasm with a damn near total stranger to whom we’ve met just the past weekend at the club or maybe even the church? It’s the merry go ’round of lust!

Not only are we foolish for “bedding down” someone based on our own excess inner lust heat, but to attempt to dress it up as if it’s some kind of “once in a lifetime” experience straight from the higher echelon of Heaven is a classic case of being in denial.

Friends With Benefits

It is what it is but because we are living such a duel existence, we can’t figure out WHICH side of the tracks that we want to live on because we are dipping and dabbing in the activities that lead us on the roads to both Heaven AND hell!

So we are confused souls, jumping from one relationship to another and never delving inside of ourselves to find out who WE are so that we can make a clear decision on what kind of mate is right for us according to our Creators will over our lives.

SOME of our women spout scripture like a pro and fall down in church every week but make sure to “whore up” their appearance in the mirror for hours before the service so that the tithing ritual can be transformed into some kind of cat walk to show off the goods in that short tight skirt and plunging neckline that promises a peek into two bulbous mammary glands that would throw back an echo if you yelled at them more effectively than a mountainside!

SOME of our men will swiftly offer to “help” a woman in such a genuine manner when she has a challenge in life but only while possessing a twisted ulterior motive deep down inside which when revealed only lends evidence to the fact that all he ever wanted to do in the “help” department for you is to “help” you out of your clothes and assist in relieving you of your menstruation period for the next nine months after leaving you all by YOURSELF!

Black Woman In Public

But we are so caught up in the superficial appearances of the objects of our incubation and highly explosive lust that we’ve forgotten to counsel with the Almighty God as to HOW we are to wait on Him to bring us our TRUE mate.

So we go on and on over the years masturbating ourselves with a countless and never ending stream of bodies seeking an intimacy that can never be because DISCONNECTED LUST NEVER SUPERSEDES TRUE INTIMACY!

…….it’s like pouring gasoline over ourselves thinking that since it’s a liquid it will put out the fire that is burning us so severely! It only serves to make things worse!

If we could really understand this then we could have avoided so much trouble, drama and heartache in our lives but instead we chase that delicious elusive feeling like a crackhead on a mission never grasping how time quickly passes by until we find ourselves about to collect a social security check if we ever spent the time trying to build THAT up between flings.

To be honest I know personally how this happens because I’ve wasted a few years my damn self getting caught up in the merry go ’round of lust.


I said it and while this may not have been YOUR experience it has been mine and so many wouldn’t even have the GUTS to get up here on the internet and put themselves out there like that but I only share this with you to see where I get my experience from because you CANNOT get any of this from a book or a classroom.

In the beginning it’s all fun and games as you gain access to literally hundreds of bedrooms over a span of time and get a peek into the private worlds of many. But what one doesn’t understand is that you are exhausting that “special something” that should be reserved for the mate that God has chosen for you but you are so out of your proper mind that you wouldn’t even know them if they were to stand right in front of you!

Aroused Black Man

Trust me. God ain’t giving you ANYTHING that you aren’t mature enough to be responsible with. He is not that foolish an investor and will never sink His “blessing resources” into such a poor vehicle of foolishness that will bring no return of “glory” to this wonderful paradise called earth that He made for us to enjoy while remaining obedient.

Sister do you think that he is going to give you a soul mate specially crafted by His mighty hand and all knowing wisdom just for you when you are out here enticing every Uncle Tom, Hard Dick and Hairy Balls so that you can get your rent paid? Do you think He would honor your way of transgressional living by rewarding you in such a wonderful fashion? HECK NO!

We have got to know the difference between what is authentic and what is false because we get caught up in what the world says is the right thing to do all the while forgetting what IS the proper way to live our lives and then praying to God to make it right after we rejected the instruction and landing our own selves in that accursed sorry state of affairs.

Intimate Black Couple

It doesn’t work like that and never will.

So learn to take some time after the so called “orgasm” has subsided and never allow that sweetness to cloak your better judgment only to land you in a place that many have never come out of! Remember that ANYONE can make you feel good if you’re horny enough, but how many of them will stand the test of time in a real commitment when the going in life gets tough?

…….to take the time to assess what you are getting involved with is truly worth it when you see how much wasted time can be saved as opposed to given into a feeling and paying for it for the rest of your life!

Think about it.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Cautious Brother,





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