We appreciate above and beyond the presence of Sister Denina and the strength that she possesses to be able to share her vast experience on a topic that most know nothing about.

While it may be hard for many who have been indoctrinated into the present order of religion one must admit that upon hearing her words they were drawn to them as they resonated the truth that they have never felt before in their entire lives.

So I wish to thank Sister Denina not only for me but for the countless thousands who have heard her message already and for the vast majority of people who have yet to be exposed to such profound truth. Most people who understand this type of knowledge are too afraid to disperse it into cowardly to stand on what is right in order to enlighten the people so that we can unify in order to stop the evil that transpires in our midst.

I have never heard this type of information shared from any pastor, preacher or so-called man of God and the reason I feel so is because now I’m wondering what God do they serve. I challenge any person who has been trained as a pastor to sit down with Sister Denina and speak on these things that are either silenced or ignored in our various circles in our community. As many spiritual portals have been open that are not good we have to realize what is roaming amongst us unseen but very much destructive in our lives.

I invite you to listen to the next episode of Sister Denina’s lectures as it will be held in a time to be announced when she is ready to come forward to give us more truth once again. Thank you Sister Denina for you are doing the true work of saving many and they will thank you one day whether they like the taste of the medicine that you serve in the present time or not.

Feel free to share your comments and perspectives in the comments section below whether you agree or disagree we need to continue discussions like this as opposed to the decadence that’s put here in this carnal world as a distraction to our ascension to the higher realms of being.

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