The Arizona Bloodbath: Is This The Result Of The Words Of Dr. Jeremiah Wright Or Minister Louis Farrakhan?

Twenty-Two year old Jared Lee Loughner shot up a crowd in Tucson Arizona which included a young girl only nine years old pronounced dead as well as Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (In critical condition at the time I wrote this) and Federal Judge John Roll. Six have been confirmed dead at the time of this writing.

How quickly we forget.

It wasn’t that long ago back in 2008 smack dab in the middle of then Senator Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign when Fox News doctored a videotape of the eventual President’s Pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright, to illustrate how “hateful” “divisive” and “racist” the church was that Barack Obama was supposed to be a part of. And if Mr. Obama attended a church that preached an evil doctrine such as this, then HE must be in agreement with those terrible words spoken, so therefore is NOT fit to be the President of the United States of America.

For the entire summer of 2008, the media really made itself look so very desperate as they worked overtime to force this fraudulent representation of such a great man of the community and of the spirit who was also one who was a former marine who served to defend this hypocritical ungrateful assed country.

Did Dr. Jeremiah Wrights “hateful” words inspire ANYONE to go on a cold blooded killing spree of innocent people at point blank range.


During the Democratic Primaries of the same Presidential Race of 2008, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton attemtped to play on all of that negative sound biting of Mr. Obama’s Pastor by going a step further and putting him through what I call the mandatory “Farrakhan Test.” For those of you who DON’T know, this is a test by that those in some type of power position in White America gives when they are about to promote or grant some modicum of power to a Black Man or Woman in their system and it must be certified that these potential candidates do NOT possess a radical agenda or mindset that could upset the applecart of White power and control in their system whether it be in  politics, employment or even housing amongst the White elite and affluent.


In order to pass this test one must totally disagree and abhor in convincing fashion the true life giving words and teachings of the Minister Louis Farrakhan in order to be granted the “gift” of a position that can also be taken away if the powers that be find out otherwise.

Well, I’m quite sure you remember how Hillary Clinton attempted to upstage the natural flair and charisma that oozed from Mr. Obama by demanding that he renounce AND reject everything about  Minister Farrakhan.

Barack isn’t dumb and nor are we! He played their game well and “renounced and rejected” everything about Brother Farrakhan with a BIG smile on his face! Black folks knew he had to say this and I am quite sure an overjoyed Minister Farrakhan looked on knowing that Barack did what he had to do in this vicious Amerikkkan political system! Don’t we go through this on our jobs with the smart ass remarks from the bosses about “taking our country back” as well as those other comments directed toward the Black Man in the White House that they just LOVE to hate!

Yet they LOVED the glue sniffing alcoholic who created this mess that we are in named George W. Bush! Did we EVER find those Weapons Of Mass Destruction? Did Barack Obama cause the war that we are in now? Is the present economic downturn the doing of President Barack Obama?


And hearing this cracked me up: Pima County Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said after the Arizona killings publicly on CNN that this country has BECOME so hateful, bigoted and divisive. As old as this man looks, where was he during the civil rights movement for him to say something so off based? What planet did HE grow up on?



Evidently he hasn’t heard Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Bill O’ Reilly! They are the “in-house” MEDIA STAPLES in the “high art” of the mass produced rhetoric that keeps the country from moving beyond a blood-soaked embarrassment of a history and maintains greatly the high program ratings in order to keep the big money rolling in!

It’s the Amerikkkan way!

But since the hateful agenda has reared it’s ugly head in Tucson, Arizona, “NOW” it’s time to stop the hate and threats of violence!


Let these who have historically been the dividers and haters of those downtrodden darker exploited people of the world turn their satanic hearts in on each other! I don’t condone killing and I truly feel for the families of the victims as well as the victims themselves, I honestly do, especially the nine year old girl who was killed.

That broke my heart.

So let us pray for ALL who are involved.

But who felt for the faceless millions of Native Americans that were here in America FIRST who were senselessly murdered out of a greed of a people for ownership of a land that didn’t belong to them in the first place? It was already occupied when the arrive!

What about the literal HELL that we as Black people have endured in our hundreds of years here under the whip of those very same hypocritical people who claim that hate on these shores are something new?

Karma is a bitch!

I wonder how much Native American blood has already soaked the actual  site of this recent bloodbath? And maybe many will think I am going off too much on a tangent but I am quite sure ALL of you will agree that the political rhetoric has really gotten out of control and something has to give!

Now tell me, is that certified dingbat of a wanna-be politician Sarah Palin making the climate in this country any better with her divisive traveling roadshow of idiotic quotes that even a pre-schooler thinks is childish?

I wonder what stupidity she would spew out of her mouth NOW in regard to the shooting spree conducted by Jared Lee Loughner?

Yet it is the weaker of us, the stressed of us and the mentally challenged amongst ALL of us who are gullible to what they hear on the television and airwaves as well as print. With the high levels of frustration, job losses, lack of health care, loss of homes to the predatory loan companies look out for MORE such happenings to transpire in this ever sinking future third world of a country!

But whatever you do, DON’T blame Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.

Because when we should have taken heed to Elijah Muhammad’s book entitled “The Fall Of America” or Minister Louis Farrakhan’s “Torchlight For America” we didn’t listen! We NEVER listen to the prophetic voices that are sent by God to speak out on our behalf bringing truth but you will put your faith for a piece of narcissistic Alaskan trash who couldn’t even last, quitting as the Governor of Alaska yet wants to form a Tea Party movement! Well Tea Partiers, look at the mess your words have caused now!


And a funny thought came to my mind as SOON as I heard of the killing spree…….look at us in the so called ‘hoods, who no matter HOW well this country has down financially, WE have always had to deal with the joblessness, homelessness, high poverty levels, disease and drug abuse. And all the while we have ALWAYS found a way to make ends meet and with ALL of the guns that we have here in the so called ‘hood, you don’t see US losing our minds and shooting up crowds!

As crazy as we have become as a people following behind the foolishness fed to us in this transgressional society, WE are not as spiritually bankrupt as others are and with rough times coming on the horizon, WE have what it takes to endure the storms and persevere in God’s name because what we have been made to suffer has made us into the most durable strongest people on the face of this earth!

Imagine, it’s just a few short days into an entire new year and this tragedy happens. It ain’t over yet. There will be more demonically motivated incidents such as this just as sure as the sun will shine. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck will most definitely make sure to that!


Take back YOUR country? Sure, be my guest, because it’s going to HELL!

Stay tuned and stay out of the crowds…….

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