The Atlanta Educators Really Got Fired Because Of The No Child Left Behind Act! – Dr. Ramona Brockett

Dr. Ramona Brockett will cause most whose opinions have been manipulated – by the Mainstream Media – against the convicted Atlanta Educators in the Public School Cheating Scandal to see what has happened in a totally different perspective once the sensationalism surrounding this case is removed and the facts of the bigger picture are presented.

This is a brilliant display by Dr. Brockett and strongly urge all who have closed the book in their minds on these Educators to take one more look before locking them out of your understanding and throwing away the key.

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  • Pamela Baker says:
  • Pamela Baker says:

    Thank you Dr Brockett , this is soooo needed to see the reality of what our
    educators have to deal with !!! The 3rd grade to prison pipeline utilizing
    great teachers of excellence through manipulation of politics and policies
    is harming the thought process of even going into education as a choice of
    future college students !!!

  • Ezell Harris says:

    This was an attack on black educators. And to think Orange County
    Superintendent Dr. Barbara Jenkins was offered the job to run all the
    schools in Atlanta.

  • Ezell Harris says:

    What a beautiful extremely intelligent Sister Dr. I truly enjoyed the

  • kimberly santana says:

    he don’t give a dam about our people

  • 30fabtel says:

    Great share??????

  • ahmed King says:

    The more I learn, the worse I start to feel. Because I feel powerless to
    change it. I just wanna know why they hate us so.

  • zanbrocal says:

    Dr Brockett, I can assure you we’re NOT yawning! On the contrary we thank
    you for this abundance of information! god bless both of you!

  • we mo says:

    NCLB Act is socially engineered to provide the next generation of prison
    inmates. These teachers are guilty of disrupting that system and are being
    made an example for teachers nationwide to “tow the line”. Millions of
    dollars and lots of political capital were spent insuring that the
    profitability of mass incarceration and other poverty vampire industries
    continue to flourish in the decades to come.

  • Juanita Mitchell says:


  • Tonty says:

    The bonuses and incentives provided MUST be considered~given the literal ,
    “Catch 22” surrounding the NCLB ACT. Doing so gives further credence to a
    bait & setup scenario. This inturn calls for critical thinking in the
    BEFORE and AFTER demographic, educational and perhaps legislative processes
    (regarding the reasons of pursuit). This will likely reveal itself years
    after the final verdicts. Let’s PAY ATTENTION. There’s more to come in
    connection with this case….we will see it~IF we are ready.

  • Tonty says:

    Sooo….Very PURPOSEFUL legislative “Loopholes” within the fallacy of the
    NCLB Act— ACTUALLY served several different agendas all at once. The
    ‘school to prison pipeline’ & the ‘demographical and cultural agendas’
    connected to— a total “over haul” within the City of Atlanta— through a
    LARGER more sophisticated regentrification process~Mmmm. Sounds about

  • Tonty says:

    We’re listening~

  • LanceScurv says:
  • >