The Back In The Day Old School Music Jam Party with DJ LanceScurv

show_4531791It’s that unifying medium that bonds people together who don’t even know each other, but because of the mutual love in their soul for that particular song, certified strangers are in actuality friends who have not met each other yet.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Yes it is!

So prepare yourself to meet those soon to be discovered friends as we vibe together in an atmosphere of love, music and joyous reminiscing on The Back In The Day Old School Music Jam Party with DJ LanceScurv!

Every time we come together on our music nights we will focus not only on those popular classic songs that still receive major broadcast time on the radio but those often overlooked and forgotten rare hard to find songs that are just as near and dear to us in our hearts and touch us in the same manner as running into an old long lost friend!

Technics Turntable

Yours truly LanceScurv will be taking requests in The Back In The Day Old School Music Jam Party Facebook Group room as well as on Twitter @LanceScurv or directly on the hotline on 407.590.0755.

We literally guarantee that there isn’t a song that our crates won’t produce if we dig down deep enough.

The call in number for the show is 760.259.2310 and look for the updated and upcoming showtimes to be posted here. Shout outs are welcomed between songs as the show airs live and we also want to hear of the memory that each song provokes when you do call in so let’s have fun and bring back the good old days that our minds and souls crave so deeply!

It ain’t over yet people!

Click the widget below to hear the entire show!

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