Yesterday has passed and hopefully we have learned lessons from that time to enhance the quality of our life in the future by not making the same misjudgments that we did.

Tomorrow is not promised yet we still must strive for excellence in the future by our indulgence in the present and what we do now.

But it is the present that we have and as long as we remember what not to do from our past misjudgments and press forward in the present knowing that if we do the right thing now our future will improve, ascend and be a very beautiful place to be.

But if we make sure also that the present is pristine and we keep it as a time that is enjoyable without regret and without anxiousness it will help us to know that no matter what is going on around us that our life in the present is a gift in a very beautiful thing.

In this so-called modern society which is definitely engineered and not set up to bring us any semblance of joy we must understand that we have to take the reins of our life back to bring us to where we want to be.

Many of us are walking around the planet like zombies worried about one thing and worried about other things in forfeiting their right to enjoy the moment that they have.

These collective moments as we move through them will become the past one day but if we make sure that we achieve what we must in the present day the future will be quite all right for us.

But in order to achieve that balance in life we must be like that surfer who’s riding a wave not concerned about the possible dangers of the water that is above him but maintaining a balance that will pull him through where he will avoid crashing.

We have to be clear on how we want to live a life and we have to be clear on what our goals are in order to make this happen.

One thing that we must always do is we have to meditate and unplug from everything around us in order to maintain a divine connection to ourselves uninterrupted from the busy world around us.

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  • 913 says:

    This was beautiful. We have to use the past as lessons learned, to help us navigate and avoid pitfalls as we live in the present moment, and therefore allow us to envision a wonderful future!
    I loved the closing song! 💖🌹💖

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