Often times we face obstacles that appear to be impossible to defeat or overcome.

Many of you already know that YouTube snatched down yesterday’s video that was live in the middle of the program and gave my channel 1 strike for violating community guidelines.

Three strikes within any 90 day period will cause you to lose all of your content with no questions asked.

This being the age of censorship and cancel culture it is no surprise that when one speaks in a controversial manner like I do that this would happen.

To be honest I anticipated this and was quite surprised that it took this long for them to take action against me even though I’ve been very shrewd and how I put out my content.

If this was a year ago I probably wouldn’t have taken it so smooth but now it actually got my juices flowing in a adrenalized manner.

Why? Because I am more prepared than I was earlier this year.

I am one likes to constantly work and create every single day, it’s not about being stressed about uploading content but I truly love the joy of the process.

So it is not easy for me to just sit back and create nothing at all when you have a mind that is very active and never stops grinding.

But with where I find myself now in the present it is in such a good place that I began to see the benefit of such a thing happening to actually open doors for me to see how I can advance on an independent manner from YouTube to make it more lucrative for those who follow our work.

So immediately when that happened my mind kicked in and got to work to see how we can uplift the platform keep it going seamlessly and without interruption.

So before the 24 hour period was over we came up with solutions to put us at a more advantageous point that we were before when YouTube cancelled that show.

For a social media content creator to even consider that all of their hard work could be snatched down instantaneously it can be a paralyzing thought indeed.

But after I dealt with the several strengths that I had earlier in the year I began to truly build my platform in a secure way so that if and when this happen again I could never find myself panicking and at the mercy of corporate censorship.


That being said every time I do a YouTube video whether it be upload or a live show I immediately afterward uploaded to a different video platform that has nothing to do with YouTube and that I upload to my website

This way all of our work is protected, preserved and available without the threat of it all being taken away.

So always have a “Plan B” and beyond as insurance and protection against any attack on any righteous area of your life that you are cultivating.

So I do look forward to new categories of content, I do look forward to creating a more tightknit platform away from social media which will bring us together in a manner where we can communicate without fear of censorship.

I for one refuse to bite my tongue and if the truth be told in being honest I pledge to be more fiery on my platform than ever before.

It is wrong to attempt to control the thoughts of a free man or woman and expect them to go with the narrative of propaganda that is infesting the so-called news stations and platforms as well as social media.

Like I said before, I am so surprised that platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube allow decadent material to be uploaded to their servers in abundance while censoring me because of the ideologies being different.

So always make sure to find yourself here for everything even when I do throw snippets out on social media.

So I thank the situation as it has propelled me to think above any limited social media platform because the answer to every challenge lies within your thoughts and how you focus your lifeforce energies. Thank you so much for absorbing my thoughts and feel free to share your perspectives in the comment area below.

Peace, Revolution & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,


[email protected]




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