The Best Holiday Gift Is The Love That We Share With Each Other Every Single Day Of Our Lives!

Sitting here on this most celebrated day that so many have put an incredible amount of energy into making special, I couldn’t help but see how important it was for me not merely to have material items thrown my way but to actually understand that it is the people who make EVERYDAY of my life a constant celebration.

We come into this world alone and we will leave this world in the same manner at our time of transition. That being said, everything in between those two points are gifts to be treasured in the moment that they are given and we must not forget that all experiences in this life good and bad are essential to forging us to be the people that we have become.

I’ve always known from a single digit age that it was about the energy that a person brought to the table that makes the interactions a gift from God. Celebrate the laugh, experience the tears, comfort someone when they are in pain and merely listen to someone who wants to vent. It’s this very human way of multitasking with others that makes you important to them and an invaluable resource of love and joy.

It doesn’t cost any money to share your own special brand of energy nor does it diminish who you are one iota. It’s just like the saying that states how the flame of a candle never loses anything after being used to light the wick of another candle. It doesn’t hurt to give. Isn’t this why so many have exhausted themselves in the first place in order to give something special to a loved one? But it is really necessary when we miss the real gift that we have forgotten to share?

Let me ask you, at the point of YOUR transition from this beautiful earth, will you think of every holiday gift given to you and the person who blessed you with it?

Or will you think of the time when you were fed after being hungry?

No, I’m not speaking of food, although for some of us our minds might go there, but for most of us we will think of that moment that we came home from school as a young and emotionally defenseless child crying because someone said something hurtful to us and our Mother or Father held us tight, boosted our esteem and made us feel better. We were laughing in no time and couldn’t recall what hurt us in the first place.

The ladies reading this might think of that slightly older friend who showed them the ropes about life and the matters of the heart. It is not easy making the transition in full womanhood and sometimes our own Mothers and Aunts can’t do the trick when it comes to teaching us the nitty-gritty about those adult issues that can be so embarrassing and intimidating for someone on the home team to address.

It might even just the way that long lost significant others face would light up with happiness when they first see you or the way your sibling after being discovered might reluctantly share that piece of cake with you after hiding in the bathroom to secretly eat it behind your back.

Only when you see how many countless memories that we have been gifted by our Creator will you begin to understand that some lifeless soon to be out of style material item wrapped up under somebodies tree is in no way comparable to the intimate and loving interactions that transpire between human beings, whether it be that unexpected warm smile and greeting early in the morning from a complete stranger to a heartfelt apology from someone who has truly done you wrong.

So if you did NOT receive and overabundance of holiday gifts to commemorate this ONE day that seems to depart as quickly as it arrived, know that the gift of love and the experiences of life is something that you not only you indulge in just for one day out of a year, but you will be divinely gifted every single day and every single moment of your natural life for free!

There is no shopping mall, retail establishment or amount of money that can supply what our God has given us in overabundance no matter how much money we have in our pockets or what enviable status is attached to our name at this particular junction point in life!

So when it comes to me personally, to have been blessed to have an outlet that has manifested under the LanceScurv name and umbrella is the ultimate gift to me!

You who are reading these words right now are the reason why I am smiling from ear to ear everyday in my heart as you have made every moment of my life a cause for celebration.

I live to create. I was born to create. And my purpose everyday is to form something special out of nothingness the way God did in His time of making creation.

Let me tell you, ANYONE can plunk down a few bucks and have a website or a talk show online.

That’s not a big deal.

Greater artists than I have shared their works to the world over and above anything that I have done making my work appear to be stick figures.

Bloggers and writers that have an even better command of the English language have titillated the senses and imaginations of their loyal fans showing that I was not the first or best to do it, but NO ONE feels as good as I compared to those prior examples of greatness because you have reached out to me in a way that let’s me know that you love me for ME and THAT fact alone is the ultimate validation and appreciation more so than anything that I could ever think of.

When I think back to the years of emotional pain that I have endured away from the caring eyes of those around me from the dysfunctional romantic pairings I chose to be in that were formed more out of the hedonistic satisfying of a physical urge than a mutual meeting of the minds, it is now validated and washed away because I see now that those seemingly useless shreds of life experiences can be now put together to form that beautiful quilt called

I didn’t have to buy an expensive car to be interesting to you. I didn’t have to fight relentlessly for many years to get a high position on a job to be honored by you. I didn’t have to do anything out of my normal character to be loved by you and your acceptance of who I am and throughout my creative contradictions and emotional rants it never made you lose focus that what I do here to share with the world is consistently prepared “rain, sleet or shine” because it is a labor of love.

I come to you bare, naked and without the masks that we have been taught to wear. I come to you as transparent as one can be and at the end of the day to be loved by my peers and online family without needing any gimmicks or hooks is a high that no crackhead, meth addict, Prozac/Ecstasy secret using soccer mom, alcoholic or heroin could ever experience COMBINED!

Therefore YOU are all the gifts and presents that I will EVER need and I pledge to show my appreciation to you by stimulating you here on these pages everyday as we continue to forge forward in God’s name in these last days and troubled times. Never forget that when all is said and done we have each other and we should all seek to boost each other up as much as we can because God works through us and we should never allow our own petty differences to come between us because in the end we are God’s gifts to each other.

Now that you know this, isn’t it a wonderful thing that we have a whole new year ahead ahead of us to create a new reality?

I know one thing, I have been grinding hard all year and am happy at where I stand creatively and sure look forward to the plans that I have to elevate my reach righteously in order to bring you more satisfaction and enlightenment through the talents that I have been given. And while I won’t reveal everything right now, I do plan on schooling myself in other areas to harness my artistic skills on a more professional level as well as reaching out to other spheres that I have never ventured into before.

The main thought here that I want to share that if you want to have a better life that improves constantly, you must challenge yourself to go beyond the parameters and areas that you have been used to striving in. Same effort, Same result. It is a big world out here and there is also a whole lot of money to be made if you understanding that you must constantly change your approach in a constantly changing world.

I may have started out sketching funny little pictures on napkins on the overnight shift in a dead end job with limited options other than trading off precious time for a few dollars as a jail guard when I first came down to Orlando Florida from New York City but dear Lord! – Look how far my God has brought me now! Never underestimate the power of hard work, focus, patience, long-suffering, faith and the promise of our Creator to ALWAYS bring us through!

Stay safe for the holiday, enjoy every moment of your life starting from now and do know that your Brother Lance Scurvin loves each and every one of you!

Righteous Love Always,


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