The Black Boule’:  Certified Sellouts!
The men and women of the black Boule’ are intellectuals, business people, politicians, philanthropist and straight up crooks. They are born out from the so-called Greek fraternities and sororities of HBCU’s across the US. When you especially study the works of Steve Cokely, it becomes much easier to separate the Negro, ‘Cooning to get rich, from the Black Gatekeepers that are intricate to the system of white supremacy.
The black Boule’ and its members from my personal experience are those who work overtime to limit your potential earnings and influence over Black thought that will be a threat to white supremacy. Unless you are in with them in taking your valves to their societies and fraternities, no matter how black they talk for act in a manner to get next to you to find out your plans they never will consider you part of them and they will always work to maintain position of superiority over you to the delight of their slave master.
These entities are self gutted of their blackness and are threatened by someone who is truly about the upliftment of their people and not motivated by money, status, wealth, or position in the so-called dominant society of the Caucasian who views all of us who are Melanated as tools to fight against each other.

The Boule are a deceptive network of fraudulent entities who are hell-bent on pulling the rug from under your feet and your own personal progress while appearing to be very sincere in their support of you. My personal antidote to these self hating individuals who have an issue in looking with in to see how much of a coward that they are is to stay away from them wholeheartedly and completely. They will befriend you and even do limited amounts of good deeds for you but you will never have their full support although they act as though they are giving it to you.

They will alert others who are in their group to who you are and share information with each other to eventually infiltrate your inner workings in order to bring you down.
This is why unless I know a person they all will get different information fed to them as I keep everyone away from me in the inner core of my workings because I have experienced this when living in America. But understand that no matter where you live whether it’s the United States of America Africa the UK it matters not because they are everywhere. My personal way of thinking tells me that they cannot infiltrate me by myself because I am an independent wrecking ball who is hell-bent on accomplishing the manifestation of the seeds of greatness that lie within me.

You must always know that you need no one outside of yourself to manifest greatness that is yours as long as you stay on point and as long as you stay on focus. These entities will come around you to make you feel as though you can be part of a bigger brotherhood and if you don’t appear to have that desire will quickly become an enemy to them. It makes them feel bad that they sold out and sold their souls while you have the confidence in yourself to move independently without needing anyone, that is an insult to them to their very core.

They are not your friends, they are not for you, and their only goal is to seek the destruction of whatever it is that you’re trying to build. I have experienced this from entities from afar, from entities that were near me, and from entities that were the closest of close in my inner circles. Therefore anything from this point on that I do will be totally worked on by me without sharing the knowledge of what it may be until after it is completed.

Do not let these people know where you live, do not let these people in your home, do not fraternize with anyone who speaks with these people because they can give information without knowing it. In order to stay away from the black Boulay you must be prepared to live the life of a recluse and a hermit. If you are truly committed to your mission you will understand how precious time is and how much of a waste of time and assure fail that any association with the sellouts will be. Thank you for your time here to absorb my perspectives on this topic and do share your thoughts on this podcast in the comment area below. I do thank you for spending your precious time here and always feel free to return to see the new work. Stay tuned and thanks again.

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