African People United take it to the streets to vibe with the people face to face about the movement and to really find out what is on their minds as far as their biggest concerns. Many organizations large and small make the mistake of assuming what is the true pulse of the communities that they claim to have a desire to serve and find themselves out of the loop of what the people truly have in their hearts.

Look for more videos like this as this was not the usual posturing that many organizations do occasionally to appear to be doing something for the public but a mere snippet of the hard work in the trenches that we have been doing for quite a while now whether the camera is on us or not.

Please feel free to share your perspectives on the topics we address and the concerns that you may feel that we may have missed in order to make us better and to improve every day. Thank you for spending your precious time here with us and know that we do look forward to you coming back to visit again!

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