The Black Crows that hang above have a superior sense of awareness that most of us very distracted humans could never understand. Our being preoccupied with the baubles, rubies and trinkets of mind control that we give our undivided attention every moment that we possibly can will always keep us out of the loop of awareness.

That’s fine with them because after the word is given for our demise for the purpose of population control, it will be us that they will feast on in the same manner that the human gluttons of the world gorge themselves on the unnecessary calorie laden culinary indulgences in their visits to America’s strip malls.

Like well stuffed turkeys laid out on a huge dining table that was obviously decorated in a time consuming detailed manner by loving relatives, most who remain conscious while bleeding out will understand why the crows waited patiently for this moment to come while they feast on them the same way that they did at the evil holiday called Thanksgiving every year.

We will then realize that the mass deception spoken of and pushed in your well edited watered down Bible was this very thing called religion itself. It’s prophecies were mere man made projections that we will blame on a loving God while this earthly demon who hijacked our legacy manipulates the earth’s plates to cause earthquakes, subsequent tsunamis, hurricanes on steroids and the wild fires that are sure to arrive.

You couldn’t even imagine what real thirst is! Don’t forget the droughts that will come so bad that we will gladly drink gallons of lead infused Flint Michigan water as though it is the finest spring water in the land.

Our enemy is not some foreign country but the unchecked unrighteous characteristics from within. We are greedy, narcissistic, status hungry in a system that knows how dispensable we are as we spend the greater amount of our lives seeking to die with as many toys of materialism as we possibly can accrue after forfeiting the true joys in life that are now beyond the grasp of most.

We are the only enemy that we should have kept in check as it will rear its well cloaked ugliness that lurks below the surface once the alarm is sounded.

We do not need to shed a tear for those who have transitioned on because it is us who need to reserve those tears so that they can flow freely when the reality of what we could have avoided hits us.

Those Black Crows that I see patiently awaiting on the power lines above know that their greatest meal is being prepared now by the elite rulers of this planet who control the majority of the wealth that make even the millionaires of this order appear like mere peasants when seeing where they fall on the scale of financial affluence.

We are their meal soon after the tanks roll in on these super highways that were built just for them at this time all over the country to welcome their presence to show us how great of a nation”we” really are.

Imagine the discomfort of being purged immediately of your arrogance as the world that gave you that dollar that subsidized your condescending mentality collapses in the twinkling of an eye.

You were told to pay attention in their schools of mass mind control, obey their laws, play it safe working in their system and you did but you will understand that it was all a sham.

You’ve worked your entire life simply to have the rug pulled from under all of your dreams and aspirations but it mattered not because all along the fix of deception was in as you foolishly traded your precious time for a currency that the world wants nothing to do with.

Oh what patriotic fools you have been! Being led to the very threshold of death with a smartphone in your hand and stomach full of Monsanto’s chemicals that they have the nerve to call food.

The crows see death in all that you do in the remaining time left because nothing you do brings life or leaves your environment better of than it was before your destructive presence arrive.

We are now no better than the white man who historically has raised hell all over the planet to rape, rob and steal the resources of the darker peoples of the earth who have peacefully resided there to only have their Holocaust written out of history by this wicked demon from hell in the books of lies that he deems to be the true account of his victorious journey as the world’s savior.

Following this system of White Supremacy truly has its benefits now doesn’t it? It has allowed you to lose your soul as you followed his every cue in a dance of death that you will soon realize you never could never keep in step with.

The crows know what’s coming and the crows continue to gather.

Like those buffalo who flee to firmer ground when they now the earthquake is coming or the animals who flee to a higher ground once they sense the tsunami is near.

Yes, our bodies will lay on every street lifeless as the dominoes of death fall uncontrollably. The economy is ready any day now to collapse into something even more severe than The Great Depression. We will snuff each other’s life out without hesitation when the food supply dries up because we refused to leave the bigger cities after making up our minds that we could never live without it’s cosmopolitan amenities.

Comfort is death and it is our desire to live a life in a perpetual comfort zone that has weakened our will, our resolve, our perceptions and our connection to our Creator.

Look not to your Pastors to show the “Godly Love” that you swore that they possessed while celebrity worshiping these shysters every week. For their god is of this carnal world as you never knew that they “took the oath” to exploit you for your resources and life force that they never intended to share with you in the first place.

For they feel as though their way is made but even the crows know that their flesh will be the sweetest after living a life of abundance off of the backs of the gullible flock.

I can go on forever but I must prepare for the time when I will no longer scream out to the world on this temporary forum as I’ve detached myself long ago from its lure and will any day now pull the plug and vanish from cyberspace. Everything that has a beginning on this narrow plane of existence has an end and for me my heart has been calling out to me from within to ascend to that next level of existence far away from those who once knew me.

I will utilize this medium call “internet” for as long as I am needed for the few who may still drop by every now and again but my work here is just about finished and I so look forward to what lies next in my life.

You see, I know that the crows are watching all of us because the plan will be executed any day now and because I know that the time draws near I’ve taken every precaution to not be here as mass torment will sweep the land as no savior will heed the cries of the arrogant.

It’s too late now to prepare as the prophets of the day have warned you of the days to come and the instructions that must be executed.

So all I can do is move on with the two or three who understand the divine frequencies that have flowed through us as we’ve been ridiculed by those who have fallen away from any connections to us.

As the crows bite into your flesh and hunger and delirium flood every fiber of your being, maybe then you will understand what I’ve tried to share with you all these years but know that I will hold no regrets or have no sorrow in my heart because I did my job to the best of my abilities as my divine tour of duty is complete.

How long will it be? I couldn’t tell you right now but it will be sooner than later and definitely a surprise to those who thought this internet journey of mine was nothing but a bunch of hot air. Brother Cosmo was right, some of us out here will never “get it” until its too late!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Survivalist Brother,



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