The Black Family has been under attack for the longest time and how we find ourselves statistically in the present day is not by chance and very much by design. What we need to do as a Black collective is to remove the various factors that were put in place to facilitate our demise to restore what we were meant to be as the family unit which will strengthen our community and make us impenetrable to any attacks that our open enemy plans for us.

Religion must be removed as it has always been that drug that causes us to wait in a deity to do for us what we should do for ourselves while others activate their divinity from within to accomplish the great things that we once did. Our involvement in their political system keeps us in a perpetual state of suspension and just like religion we basically hand over our visionary mentality to build for self and never lift one finger toward our on future. The enemy’s schools of indoctrination should not have the free access that we give them our children’s minds who in reality are our future.

Their media platforms must not have access to our precious minds because we tend to emulate every bit of filth that they present. We need our own hospitals to cure and heal ourselves with our long forgotten (by design) original practices as opposed to having ourselves pumped full of toxic chemicals that keep us continuously sick just for their profit. The list of things that we need to remove ourselves from may seem to be endless but it is not impossible to incrementally vaporize these factors so that we can set our people free.

Please listen to what our Brother Michael Hamer has to share on the restoration of our people and hopefully we can collectively make the moves to make the necessary changes to ascend in to the greatness that the seeds the we possess guarantee!

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