The Black Peoples Annual Holiday Of Publicly Displayed Tax Refund Check Buffoonery & Other Various Ghetto Acts Of Ignorance & Low Self Esteem!

I have a feeling that you KNOW where I am going with this blog posting today because of the long descriptive title. The answer is YES, I AM going there, so buckle up and lock it down tight for the ride ’cause I don’t know how well my brakes are working today so we are going to get there fast!

Can I ask you something?

Maybe it’s only me but how come it seems that so many Black folks “act a fool” when it’s time to get back their Income Tax Checks?

Let’s go and pay a visit to the local inner city ‘hood circus and see what’s cooking…….

“Hurry hurry step right up and see the woman who is three months behind on her rent but took a trip with her tax refund money to Disney World with her kids who need clothes, school materials and a roof over their heads! She knows that she is in a crap load of financial trouble when she returns home but she says that you only live once! Watch the expression on her face when she comes home to find all of her possessions out on the curb!

“Hurry hurry step right up and see the married family man who spent not only his entire tax refund check but also his mortgage money too in the Magic City Strip joint drunk as a skunk and out of his mind in an attempt to relive the wild days of his youth! Watch dumb look on his face when he returns home to find not only that his wife has left him but his bank accounts cleaned out because of a camera phone photo of him in that same club forwarded to his faithful mate showing his face wedged deep in between an amply endowed stripper’s well rounded and generous butt cheeks “tipping” away and being played for the last of his dwindling finances!

“Hurry hurry step right up and see the man stretched out on the curb after being bashed in his head with a blunt object with his freshly cashed refund check money gone because of his propensity for flashing large sums of money in the poorest neighborhoods to feel like a big fish in a small pond! Watch him foolishly grin in an attempt to salvage a small amount of dignity as he personally grapples with his intoxicated senses and amazingly battles his swollen torso into an upright position as he realizes that he doesn’t even possess enough money to pay for a ride home on the bus.

THESE are the things that you will observe at tax time every year in the Black neighborhoods across the land! It may be a different city but it is always the same tired sorry and pathetic act!

This is how we celebrate our unofficial annual holiday of publicly displayed tax refund check buffoonery!

I know you’ve noticed it too because it’s hard NOT to see it. It’s like we walk different, we talk different and we begin to carry some
seriously nasty attitudes when we KNOW that we have that lump sum of an illusion coming our way.

Just ask any store owner or shop owner at the local mall, they know exactly what I am talking about. The same poor Black people that wouldn’t even THINK about entering that same shop or boutique all year long because they “can’t afford” the items sold there are the first ones there first thing in the morning not only purchasing the most expensive items in the establishment, but being bossy and bitchy all the while when doing so!


Again I must say as I do in all of my blogs; “Not ALL of us, but MANY of us!”

Why do we carry on this way when that check hits the bank? What is it about our lives and our makeup that makes us so predictable to those who are the proprietors in our neighborhoods?

I can almost see it in the faces of the business owners as we storm into the stores as though someone owes us something or the world has to step aside because we have a few measly dollars to blow for a few days to feel big because our self esteem year round is immeasurably low as we feel as unwanted as a used condom tossed away after an anonymous carnal tryst between strangers in a parked car on the hooker stroll in the red light district!

These shop owners already know how we are because it is a phenomenon that transpires year after year without fail! We are secretly laughed at for the fools that we are while these usually foreign business owner tolerate the most hurtful insults in order to get to that money that we literally throw at them just to feel as though we are rich and affluent for a day.

That rush of power that comes from feeling rich for a few moments doesn’t even last that long. How sad for them.

The poorest neighborhoods produced the most hilarious examples of this and the Korean Nail joints anticipate doing even MORE business as usual, the Ghetto shopping malls will sell MORE cheap gaudy poorly made space suit zoot suit looking clothes that we snatch up to wear to the club that weekend looking like clowns and thinking we look good. Once they wash that “get up” one time it’s only good use is to be used as a rag to dry off someones car after washing it!

The streets in our neighborhood will be laced with women who will sport the most ridiculous hair styles sitting high on top of their
heads as a means of trying to stand out from the next woman who also has about eighteen pounds of horse hair on her head in some foolish attempt to make themselves more appealing to that potential man who they must try to rope in before before the “magic spell” of the income tax return check wears off and she has to go back to the mediocre life of pinching pennies and covering her head with that rag in shame because it normally costs too much to maintain those cockatoo hairstyles all year round.

The jewelers love us because we clear their store display cases of the cheapest trinkets that have as much value as one empty crushed aluminum can of Pepsi-Cola about to be placed in the recycle machine at the local supermarket. Not much value at all because we choose our jewelry based on looks and not on value. Cheap and flashy is the order of the day as it helps us to be noticed more and make our streets appear to others as though the circus is in town! Well, in actuality it IS!

Tax return check time is the time of the year when many of us make the most stupidest decisions because we feel invincible with the two or three plus thousand dollars in our pockets that seem like so much to us.

In the ‘hoods across the United States of America the prime goal at tax time is to find the number one absolute BEST person who can “get back” as much money from the government as one can possibly get, even if it is a crook who can defraud the system in a manner to “get back” over and above what an individual deserves under current law.

It’s all about getting as much as you can as fast as you can. We don’t care if it costs HUNDREDS of dollars to cut the waiting time down! We will pay! Just give us that money right now! You need five hundred dollars to give it to me now? Sure! Take it! Whatever it takes I’ve got to have it right away!

It almost sounds like that J.G. Wentworth settlement company commercial that airs on television and is usually targeted at the inner city urban low income demographic that are known to watch shows like Jerry Springer and Maury Povich.

You sure can tell someone who is just not used to handling any money at all because if truth be told that tax check that we receive really isn’t that much when you add it up!

It would make things so much better for us as a people overall if we knew how to work and save our money to focus on the bigger picture of wealth building instead of seeking a distraction from the pain and suffering that comes from the ignorance of not knowing how to handle our financial affairs on the first place.

But while earlier I illustrated how buffoonish we are capable of acting it must be noted that for the most part we have not been told
HOW to handle our finances correctly that would make it possible to accumulate for ourselves most of the funds for our own benefit first before leaving our hands and our communities.

We just don’t know any better.

If we would learn to chose the proper foods to prepare IN our homes we wouldn’t have to spend so much money at the doctors office which is the direct result of constantly eating at the fast food restaurant which robs our health and our money.

If we would learn to break the mental chains of our frivolous religious foolishness then maybe we would be empowered into developing our spiritual beings instead of spending all of our time down at that social club referred to by many as the church. And once we are spiritually correct with ourselves then maybe we would have the sense not to spend our last financial resources on keeping that man you worship as God called “Pastor” in the latest alligator shoes and designer outfits.

Yes, Tax time has become in my humble opinion the official top holiday of poor Black America. Every other holiday we celebrate we end up spending money to enjoy it. While there is no one designated day for us to celebrate this special time, right before we get our checks at least we are expecting money and not spending it out. That’s the mentality of my people her on these shores.

Let’s look at this from a much different perspective, let’s say that you are to receive about six thousand dollars in taxes back after you
filed your return. That breaks down to five hundred dollars per month or one hundred twenty five dollars per week. If many of us stop spending out at these fast food poisoning centers, stop smoking these can er causing cigarettes, stop drinking, stop paying for booty directly or indirectly, stop spending on these gaudy unflattering hairstyles and nail appointments, stop playing the number in hopes of hitting it big when you never hit yet and paying these car notes on vehicles that we really don’t need and are much more car than we can afford anyway then maybe SAVING one hundred and twenty five dollars a week wouldn’t seem that much of an impossibility after all now would it?

Common sense talk right?

But common sense is nothing that a person who lives in the ‘hood wants to hear about as they appear to be on a crazed mission to spend their money like it’s going out of style with no regard as to the extremely painful consequences. We know better but we won’t do better! It’s a perpetual financial binge/purge that is deeply rooted far deeper than we could ever comprehend. Can we do better? Sure we can! But will we do better? Put it this way, if we do better I just don’t see it happening anytime soon, because we seem to be too far gone in our madness and simply enjoy the bliss of ignorance over the peace of mind that comes from sensible planning and frugal living.

As long as we ignorantly rate our self worth and esteem proportionately with the amount of temporary baubles rubies and trinkets that we can get our hands on for fleeting time then we will NEVER see the light! But for those of us who have awakened from such a dead end type of existence it is such a glorious feeling to take control of ones destiny and finances in order to not only have financial bliss and peace of mind for a short passing season, but for three hundred sixty five days a year, twenty four hours a day!

“The Black Peoples Annual Holiday Of Publicly Displayed Tax Refund Check Buffoonery.”

Pity those who celebrate this most niggardly of holidays. It benefits everyone else BUT ourselves and continues to drive more nails deep into the coffin of resources that is Black financial independence as those same beneficiaries laugh all the way to the bank with OUR MONEY in THEIR POCKETS.

And for us that actually makes it the saddest holiday to celebrate of them all.


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January 26, 2012 4:47 PM

You said it man. Couldn't have said it better myself!

March 8, 2011 9:34 AM

Ahhhhh! What can I say?

I am definitely a fan…….

You speak with so much passion its insane!

I am addicted to your blog!

P.S: I got your link off lindaikeji and I loved the write-up on "Blacks loving their asses than an education!"

Keep it up!

With love from Naija

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