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Attention Listeners: This video dialogue was recorded at about 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on June 18, 2015 at a time when not all of the facts of this massacre came in. I created it to share my knee jerk reactions and will create a more comprehensive expression later on today after all of the facts come in. So understand that if I am a bit off in my information it’s because of this reason. Thanks for understanding in advance.

My condolences go out to all who have been affected directly and indirectly by the cowardly racist actions of this THUG named Dylann Roof, but I have to say that I am getting so tired of these killing happening to Black people where all they feel they can do is pray.

We need to understand this place that we live in and take immediate action to secure our communities in a multifaceted manner in order to meet fire with fire so that these situations can be reduced.

It’s quite apparent that the police are not going to protect us nor can the good officers be everywhere.

We’ve got to become more military minded, security minded and train ourselves in self defense so that our dear family and friends don’t met the fate that so many Amerikkkan’s wish for us.

It’s not an easy subject to tackle nor is it one that is comfortable to face, it’s like identifying the dead body of a loved one at the morgue, SOMEONE has to do it!

When are we going to stop living in denial and believing the pipe dreams of these politicians who come in once every four years to those same very churches like WHORES looking for a vote that you so easily give to them simply because they kissed a Black baby in a paper thin photo opportunity?

What happened in Charleston is REALITY and it will continue to BE a reality as long as we get STAY on bent knees to pray when we should be on our posts as righteous Brothers and Sisters to defend, build and uplift our communities whether our former slave-masters condone it or not!

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