The Cloak Of Deception: Are You Forfeiting Your Life By Being A Super Model On Satan’s Fashion Runway?

One of the most enduring fashion statements that I have found to never go out of style is the seemingly mandatory wardrobe necessity called the cloak of deception.

Mandatory? YES! Because we all seem to have this article of clothing in our wardrobes and seem to wear THAT more than we do our favorite pieces even going to sleep with it on as well as keeping it on us 24 hours a DAY!

Unlike the other articles contained in our closets, we tend not to remove it even if it is just to clean it and after a time it begins to carry a stench that is unlike anything that we have ever known!

Well why is this modern wardrobe necessity so important for us to cover ourselves with on such a constant level? Why can’t we hang it up in the closet like we do our other clothes in order to give it a break and air out real clean?

It’s because we cannot go a day without lying to ourselves and also to others. Our entire existence has been built up on a deception that we have learned from childbirth up until the time of you reading this revelation into the spirit that you are absorbing now.

We lie to ourselves when we look in the mirror and ignore the previous 20 years worth of pounds, wrinkles and gray.

Runway Model

We lie to ourselves when as men it’s harder to hold our weight up in the missionary position as we desperately gaze into our women’s face for the slightest indication as the double dose of Viagra has the effect on our wet limp noodles no more than a half box of Cracker jack that contained NO prize!

We lie to ourselves ladies when we hit fifty and still are haunted by those lost years and refuse to see that forever is not the same as it was at 25 but a finite period from which to capture maybe a fleeting moment of our glorious past if even that at all. Why else are there so many push up bras and girdles being sold to be worn in the darkest corners of the social club or church just hoping for Mr. Boaz to walk through that door to believe in the illusion and sweep them up out of their sad and lonely reality?

We lie to ourselves when we are so glad to bow our heads in prayer NOT because we are trying hard to praise God but to catch a quick nap because in reality we were up all night surfing internet porn and “rubbing one off” before realizing it was time to get ready for the morning worship service.

We lie to ourselves every time when attending the wedding of a close friend and acting like we are happy for her when in actuality you are angry with God because you are thinking that it should be YOU up there exchanging vows! Especially since you were the one creeping for years with your happy friend’s now significant other when they were making plans FOR this “special” day!

We lie to ourselves and our mate when we sell them the pipe dream of wanting to purchase a house yet are secretly content to barely come up with the rent much less a damn mortgage!

We lie so much now don’t we?

Don’t believe me yet? Well here’s some more…….

We lie to ourselves when someone asks if we are right with God and we say YES! We damn sure know that we are scared as HECK at the thought of meeting our maker after indulging in those hidden activities that we can’t seem to get enough of while keeping the image of righteousness going to deceive our most perceptive of friends!

We lie to ourselves every time as a Black person of African descent we tell everyone that we are mixed with everything else other than what we are even if we ARE mixed! We lie to ourselves when we deny WHO God made us to be and are not proud of it, yet, all other ethnicities, races and cultures are PROUD to state who they are except us! Self hate & denial? Of COURSE!

We lie to our employers when we show up to work merely to kill time but get angry when no raise is given as though we deserve it!

We lie to our kids (Ladies) when you tell them that the man who has been visiting you late at night just after their bedtime and locked up in your room all night is really an Uncle of theirs that they never knew! You quickly find out when you as a kid go to scream out Uncle Charlie’s name in the supermarket assuming that the women standing in line next to him must be your Auntie but reality hit when yo’ momma covers you mouth to stop you from bringing any attention to yourself because SHE is the OTHER woman and that lady is his wife!

Had enough?

Well the fact of the matter is until we discard of that cloak of deception out of our closets, we will NEVER enjoy a genuine heart to heart relationship because whenever someone feels as though they are falling in love with us they are merely falling for the imagery or facade of what our various “cloaks” appear to be!

I have found that it’s best to be real with all of our little dirty secrets, hangups and insecurities because once a person has begun to invest more time into your life, the last thing they want to discover is that they have been deceived in the beginning and will question every move now that you have fooled them initially into liking you.

This is a great way to cause those hurtful and embarrassing disappearances that happen when the truth is discovered because our lies do NOT always fit into one neat little box where they line up perfectly. We are only human and will eventually slip up with the falsehoods if a person is sharp enough to see what is going on. Do we not feel as though we are good enough to bare our souls as we are or do we feel that our past is that “jacked up” that we must construct a more desirable facade from which to parade around behind?

Whatever the origins of this need to wear the cloak of deception in our lives, we must focus on the fact that it has literally blocked our filters fromtruly receiving the gift of life in its many various forms of relationships. Our romantic life, friendships, work relationships and perception of self has been devastated because we have been cloaked in a garment that has covered up the real “US” and never allowed it to breathe!

While we may feel that the “cloak” is protecting us, it is merely suffocating us and choking off any chance that we have to live a truly edifying and enjoyable life.


It is time to take stock of ourselves and if we are living a lie, throw it out to live the truth! If we are standing on shakey legs then we need to lose that fear of falling to allow ourselves TO fall so that we will gain the strength and sense of balance in order to conquer the rough terrains that this life will surely cause us to cross over.

Denial and deception NEVER helped anyone in this life at all and the ONLY entity that stands to benefit from the confusion caused by your wearing the “cloak of deception” is that shrewd designer of the cloak himself, satan.

So continue to be a model on the fashion runway of hell wearing the cloak of deception as the featured piece in a destructive appearance and photo shoot of death! You must come clean before God Himself and only He will rid you of the festering hangups and masks that you have acquired throughout an entire life of burying the true person that your are!

But while God has HIS role in our metamorphosis there are STILL some chores that we must be responsible for in order for our new life to kick in, we have to clean house, sweep the floors, dust, empty the trash, open the windows and let the sunshine in!

Once you trash the cloak, you can finally begin to live!

Trust me, I’ve seen it time and time again!

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