The Common Cure For Those Annoying Emotional Bottlenecks!

Sometimes in life when you feel as though there are too many factors overtaking your world, you have to take your foot off of your personal accelerator peddle of motivation and allow those factors around you to change positions because of the natural inertia that they possess.

While oftentimes our natural inclination is to fight those confusing and crowding factors with the force of our own, it’s best in certain cases to not fight but to go with the flow to the point of even losing a little momentum in order to gain a fresh strategic perspective that would allow you to see a better way to conquer your goals.

Most times you as a human being do not have the inner resources on your own to deal with these conflicting factors without exhausting yourself and running into a nervous breakdown, so why attempt to run yourself into a brick wall?

I call these situations emotional bottlenecks, like a backed up traffic jam where you have four lanes of diverted traffic attempting to squeeze through a one lane exit because of an auto collision the happened further down the road, it causes one’s blood pressure to overheat just like a vehicle that overheats because it sat too long in gridlock traffic.

Bottlenecking Traffic

Don’t sit too long in that stressful state of mind! Extreme mental and emotional states are not physical although they can begin to feel that way.

There is nothing keeping you in one spot when the mental pressure begins to mount.

This is why it is important that you begin to MOVE yourself physically when the tensions build because the adrenalin secreted into your bloodstream will eventually kill you if you don’t actually go into the fight or flight mode that the adrenalin was originally meant for!

Emotional bottlenecks will begin to make you see reality in a much different manner than what actually is. You must always keep yourself in check with what is real as opposed to what is a warped perception that will haunt you into a deeper stressful mode.

For example, when you ignore those mounting bills as they come in because you are now working less hours and gave up on paying them because your work hours have been reduced unfortunately, your mind will build the pressure of those unpaid bills to be more than what it actually is!

The stress of this can literally cause a heart attack or stroke!

Those who have gone through the mounting bill thing will agree, it is so empowering to merely call your creditors and speak with them to let them know what is going on in your personal situation. To do this will immediately lift off any feeling of emotional bottle necking and take a tremendous load off of your shoulders and will show you that it all really wasn’t as bad as it appeared!

Perception is everything. If you tell a man with a weak heart that there are some guys down the block hiding in an alleyway ready to beat him to death then the thought alone might kill him. But then again if you told that SAME man that he hit the lottery for 50 million that still may kill him off.

This tell me that positive or negative stress has the same effect unless you understand how to deal with each.

The news of a man’s death may bring great sorrow because he was loved by many but that same news will bring an overwhelming joy because of the fact that the person who rejoiced happened to be on the deceased will as the sole recipient. Same situation, totally different ways of seeing it.

So avoid a stressful positioning that may not be as bad as you think by stepping back and allowing yourself some breathing room to really sort out the many tangled factors that are racing through your mind to appear more devastating than what they really are.

Know that YOU are equipped to handle any situation but as a human being with human frailties you need to know that it is just fine to take it easy and allow the things that are beyond your control to move in their own time.

To do this will save you your precious sanity and preserve you for the many years to come in your life as a stronger and wiser individual behind all of the things that you have endured.

Adjust your perspective accordingly and reduce the stress and see the good in situations that others have deemed impossible!

…….and with God, NOTHING is impossible, not even the instant cure for an emotional bottleneck!

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