The Corporate Beheading Of Michael Baisden And The Covert War To Destroy The Independent Thinking Black Mind!

I just found out that Michael Baisden is “leaving” radio.

How does THAT sound to you?

Of course you KNOW it HAD to be something pretty rough going on behind the scenes but I have to applaud him for how he maintained his composure in the manner in which he address his fans and well wishers, here is a snippet:

“For years I’ve encouraged you to step out on faith to live your dream, to never compromise your principles, and most importantly, not to be afraid to try something new, but above all else, dare to be different. Well, it’s time for me to practice what I preach!

No, it was not my intention to leave radio, I had plans for The Michael Baisden Live Tour, my 10-year anniversary party in DC in July, and I was looking forward to being on the air this summer to get justice for Trayvon Martin and his family.

But sometimes fate, the universe, God, or however you want to label that undeniable force, has it’s own plans. Someone once told me that the greatest experiences in life are unplanned ones. I guess I’m about to test that theory.”

Michael Baisden

At this point I am so through with the recent chain of events that have been happening with the persuasive high profile Black media personalities of recent months. The recent CNN firings of Soledad O’Brian, Roland Martin and Donna Brazile of which I wrote about several days ago forces me to pull out that old funky conspiracy theory crayon box to scribble in and connect the obvious dots on a covert piece of paper that most deny even exists.

How could you NOT begin to start thinking something is going on?

Now again, this is not a Black and White thing, the masses have nothing to do with it, we are merely “sheeple.” But the powers that be for some reason seem to be fearful of the popularity and power that these high profile Black movers and shakers in the media seem to have garnered right up under their clutches and they don’t appear to be pleased at all!

And while I am a creative type that loves all forms of effective communication to motivate, inspire and bring awareness to a place where there was once none, why is it that Michael Baisden and the other aforementioned media personalities axed from their positions right at the height of their popularity? What gives?

Again I say that we must support ALL independent sources of information and band together to form a conglomerate media outlet where we do NOT have to worry about stepping on any oppressive toes who wish to control the expressions to the masses that we feel to do out of our mouths!

Michael Baisden was very effective in leading the drive to get voters up and out to support Senator Barack Obama in 2008 for his successful Presidential run and once again in 2012 when he went for reelection. Michael was the one who brought the worldwide attention to the Jena 6 case in Central Louisiana back in 2007, he is not merely someone who sits by the wayside with his popularity with the people, he goes out there and makes things happen by getting involved as an activist!

…….and don’t you believe that someone somewhere is afraid of that?

If corporate amerikkka doesn’t fire you because of your ever increasing influence over the very people to whom they desire to oppress, they will attempt to smear your character by making something up or exploiting your weaknesses through some type of personal vice that you may have. If not, they will simply come after you with some fabricated charges in a legal sense as they did Radio Talk Show Host Warren Ballentine up in Boston. (Please Google him if you don’t know him)

In a time when the media is used to intoxicate, medicate and put us to sleep with the irrelevant foolishness that is fed to us like a violent inmate in prison who has his dinner spiked with sedatives as to not give the corrections officers any aggressive bouts when it is time to transport him, we NEED all of the Michale Baisden’s that we can get small and large!

The war is on and many do not see it because the media central command posts that we depend on for real information are being slowly dismantled right in front of our very eyes and many of us do not seem to notice it.

My question is what will happen next? Well I’ll tell you WHAT should go down with the quickness, we need to research and boycott ALL of the companies that have backed this decision and go after Micheal Baisden’s present sponsors who agree with this idea if they themselves don’t create an uproar from the corporate side of things. The internet is here and we need to support ALL of Michael’s endeavors as he should go totally independent even if his operation is trimmed while using his own money because he brought us music, culture, unity and provoked deep thought! Now tell me how much real music, real culture, real unity and deep thought comes out of this crap that the corporate bigwigs prefer for us to feast on as we destroy our own lives and communities as a result of the digestion of this crap?

This is what they want as they can profit off of our ignorance even more so and the job of controlling our thinking has gotten a bit easier in their mind now that another media watch post officer has been relieved of his duties in THEIR house.

In a time when a straight up murderer like George Zimmerman can receive an outpouring of support from corporate amerikkka in a bold face manner to help with his legal costs to make a strong statement about what THEY are all about, again WE need to support our media heroes with OUR DOLLARS and refrain from giving our hard earned money to those who will turn around and brazenly slap us in our faces and know that we will come back to them with our money to give to them because we have no where else to go to receive our news and entertainment!

Isn’t it funny timing that Michael gets the axe as he planned to bring more attention to the Trayvon Martin murder in direct opposition to the other factions of corporate amerikkka who showed a a seemingly endless of financial support to George Zimmerman? It kind of shows you what we are up against with these mentally white hooded secret Klansmen in dark tailored custom suits and a fake ass smile!

It’s time for us as a people to “man up” and reject this foolishness as the war has been on for quite a time without us even knowing it. The storm is upon us as the attacks on our culture will increase and we have no other choice but to come together in unity or face a certain DEATH!

The question is at this point, what are you going to do about it?

We shall see.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Heavily Armed With The Passion For Truth Brother,



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March 21, 2013 11:47 PM

Well written article. Keep up the good fight Lance

March 21, 2013 4:22 PM

It goes deeper than the KKK…Its the Illuminatis…when a person goes against them then they try to get rid of them….BE WARNED: THE illuminatis wants a New world order and wants to kill 90% of the WORLD population and they manipulate and control subconscious minds through subliminal messages through music and televison….the illuminatis MUST be stopped

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