The Costly Consequences Of Perpetual Stupidity!

Some of us just don’t get it.

The answer to their woes could be staring them in the face and they would walk right past it as though it didn’t exist.

What am I talking about?

I’m speaking about having the common sense to navigate smoothly through this challenge of a life.

The bottom line is that these days it seems to be cool to be stupid and uninformed. I’m sorry to those who may feel insulted by my words but I don’t mean this as a put down to anyone in particular because it’s more of an assessment.

Failing Grades

Does the student get angry when they receive a failing report card that THEY earned through a semester that lacked any focused effort to excel? No! It’s not the teachers fault for their failure, if the student had only listened to the wisdom shared in abundance then they wouldn’t find themselves failing in the first place!

This is how we are in the present day’s society, we gravitate toward everything faddish that contains no lasting substance. We refuse to see the long term consequences of not investing our time to learn the world around us in order to excel and conquer all of the obstacles that only knowledge will help us to overcome.

In other words, it costs us dearly to be dumbed down.

If you have absolutely no idea of how to budget yourself and live within your means, you will run into problems really fast with your dwindling finances that will cost you in the pocket even more than the one who understand how money works.

Payday Loan Store

Your refusal to learn the mandatory financial algorithms of proper spending will cause bad credit to become your constant companion and you will pay even MORE for a loan or any purchase with a higher interest rate! Many learn this the hard way and finally understand that ignorance can be very costly!

If you have no idea on how to take care of yourself on a physical level, you will one day face the consequences of your neglect. You can ignore it all you want to while you consume the artery clogging meals that the human body was never made to digest and stress your system with all types of poorly combined chemical laced foods, but do not blame old age for your deteriorating condition when in fact it was poor maintenance born out of a refusal to become informed on how to properly care of oneself.

Hospital Stay

So as so many will lay in a hospital bed for weeks on end ailing from a major health issue that was preventable but now is past the point of no return, only then will they understand that the fashionable state of ignorance is really a curse that has cost them so much!

We are born into this world as an empty slate but it behooves me as to why so many of us want to stay that way!

We have countless opportunities to understand on this level of our existence that there’s a spiritual element to this life and many lessons to absorb before we make our transition to the next plane of existence.

There is no excuse for us to carry on like we do in the wonton fashion of living recklessly as though there isn’t a price to pay for our total disregard for the laws given to us by our Creator.

Stupidity Graphic

We can see that this particular life does not live on forever as the time here pales in comparison to the eternity where we will spend an unimaginable countless amount of time more “there” than “here”.

Yet we carry on as though this worldly party will never end throwing caution to the wind as though there is no wisdom here to be accrued as opposed to the things we strive so hard for that we can never take with us when we die.

Yet we all will understand what we have refused to acknowledge here on earth as we draw our last breath and finally enter that zone that we’ve tried to ignore for so long from which there is no turning back from.

Hell Bound

Our lack of knowledge and love for all things foolish will definitely be the decided factor of where we find ourselves as well as our submission to doing what our Maker wanted us to do on this level.

The consequences of our love of stupidity will follow us for an eternity and after a certain point it will be simply too late to receive a second chance.

So in your daily walk make a point to observe the world around you and become a degree better today than you were yesterday.

No one ever said that you have to have several Masters Degrees or have an I.Q. worthy of a Mensa membership, just make learning a regular part of your life even if the knowledge that you’ve absorbed doesn’t appear to be relevant at the present time. trust me, there is no useless knowledge out here, maybe just knowledge that you might not use at the present time as you can never know too much.

It hurts me to see that we as a people gravitate toward the mental junk food of the day that is placed out here in the world in abundance to keep us from learning what we really need to know to build up our crumbling communities and suffering youth who crave more than the foolishness offered in the world today.

We need to know that the more we are distracted and dumbed-down is the more we will be placed in that time consuming place of having to constantly dwell in a survival mode as opposed to being free to pursue our dreams.

Reading Books

Stupidity paralyzes any well intentioned effort to improve because our lives can never go higher if we remain mentally inept and in the same place year after year. For our lives to go higher so must our thoughts!

So don’t think that merely waiting out your mental, physical and spiritual impoverish periods will work as it will only intensify with time. You must actively go after knowledge to improve your life and execute what you have learned in order to manifest it.

To not do so will leave you in a place of perpetual stagnation that every progressive person around you will see except you. How sad, because God didn’t put us here to be dumb, that was a choice that we made on our own and we can’t blame anyone for us being that way except ourselves.

Wake up and live easier by feasting heavily on the abundance of knowledge shared in the world! Everyday you will become a better person and you will pay out less in money, lost time and frustration because of it!

So what are YOU going to Google search today?

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Knowledge Seeking Brother,



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