In this episode of The LanceScurv Show we have several Blank men in various age groups speaking their mind on not only the state of the Black community but also the state of Black male/female relationships from their personal experience.

This panel was not censored or moderated and is the raw expressions coming through as I promise them that I would not censor or edit any bit of what they had to say. I invite our Sisters and Brothers to express themselves totally here if the have any points or counterpoints that they would desire to express based off of this conversation or any other dialogues that you have taken the time to listen to on this particular platform.

Whether you agree with these Brothers or not I quite sure that we all are on the same page when we say that having a healthy conversation about what most of the world refuses to acknowledge is beneficial for all of us if we are to emerge from the storms that plague us and hinder progress and development. Please share your perspectives in the comment area below. Thank you!

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