The Death Of Pastor Zachery Tims & What It Meant To Me!

Popular Televangelist and Co-Founder of the New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando, Pastor Zachery Tims, was found dead on Friday August 12th 2011, in a New York City Hotel Room located in Times Square!

It’s definitely another day of surprises.

But why should it be? God is the one in charge and He dictates things as he sees them. But how dare we even get shocked when He claims back one of His children? But with that being said on a human level it scared me. It scared me because of how abrupt this news came and how it wasn’t something that was expected. He wasn’t visibly sick, or at least there wasn’t any indication publicly of any ailment that we knew of, so for me, whenever I witness the passing of someone younger than I, I automatically start playing the numbers game. I said to myself in this situation: “Pastor Tims lived to be forty-two years old, at the time of this writing I am forty-eight, God has blessed me with six more years than he who is a man who has done so much for the Kingdom of God.

Lord! I just finished playing this sad numbers game just the other day when Grammy Award winning singer Amy Winehouse passed away mere weeks ago! Here today, gone tomorrow…….this life is really “oh so” brief.

Maybe this thinking doesn’t really mean much but when I see how I’ve been blessed to see another day, it makes me see how precious life is and how I need to increase the intensity of creating a legacy that could affect others after calls me home when the time comes.

The question I ask is: “When the scorecards of life are tallied for the final count, where would your existence rate on the divine scale of righteousness?”

I’ve been to his wonderful church on several occasions and enjoyed my time there immensely and as each service that I attended came to a close I would ask myself why wasn’t I finding myself there more often. I had no excuse because his church is only a five minute drive or a brisk walk from my home.

Now of course in the wake of Pastor Tims death there will be those who will speculate as to the causes of his passing based on gossip and hearsay, but that will always be because of the positioning that those people have in the world as the so called haters. Yes, the Pastor had his moments of falling short of the glory of God but I will always respect him because of the way that he handled the situation.

How was that?

Well, he admitted to his indiscretions and immediately STEPPED DOWN and sought the counsel of his fellow clergy as well as seeking the help of professionals to deal with his shortcomings. See, he respected the positioning that he possessed and while many will say that he didn’t really respect it to do what he did, at least he publicly owned up to those things which pale in comparison to the great works that have flowed through him directly from our Creator.

Let me also boldly say that I AM comparing Pastor Zachery Tim’s dignified handling of his situation to the arrogance of how Bishop Eddie Long handle his “wreck” (According to fellow Pimp Preacher Creflo Dollar), who was too pompous of an ass to even admit any wrongdoing yet paid out twenty-five million dollars to his accusers/victims! I won’t turn this into another Eddie Long blog but if in fact there was any shady dealings in the death of Pastor Tims then let His Maker handle it now because if he did have any weaknesses (As we ALL do in our earthly walk!) at least he was NOT guilty of executing any actions on anyone else in a predatory fashion and at least they damn sure weren’t underage! See where I’m going with this?

Sure, there is no sin greater than another and sin is sin but if someone is struggling with something personally then we must understand that our God is a forgiving God if we go through the necessary steps in order to be worthy of that forgiveness.

So let us leave his business to the divine forces of the universe because it is now beyond our reach as what transpires in the conversations between him and HIS Creator is something that is to be shared between him and God alone!

What about us?

Would WE be ready if God called us home right at this very moment?

I don’t know about you but I “ain’t” ready by a long shot! And this is why it frightens me to see how final and how unexpected death can knock on ones door to take you for that final earthly ride! Too many of us know right from wrong and when we hear of the misfortune of one who has lost their life then we are just too quick to want add our two cents as though we don’t have enough drama in our wicked past and paths to fill a years worth of gossip tabloids over and above what they could publish!

So I call on everyone to turn their focus in on themselves when they seek to go through the dirty laundry of another person’s past indiscretions that have probably been put to rest and forever erased by the One who it counts with ULTIMATELY…….God HIMSELF!

So while the final earthly chapter in the life of Pastor Zachery Tims has been written, look at the great works that he has strived to bring to fruition and look back on YOUR life to see what type of legacy that YOU will leave behind! For most of us who have something “slick out of the mouth” to say about Pastor Tims, their track record couldn’t even compare so use this as a wake up call to manifest the seeds of God’s greatness that has been placed in ALL of us as His children!

Pray for the comfort of the Tims family and please have some dignity in controlling what you say that may be unsubstantiated as his friends, family and adoring congregation worldwide have feelings too.

Once again the bottom line is, when the scorecards of life are tallied for the final count, where would your existence rate on the divine scale of righteousness?

I don’t know about you but I have a WHOLE LOT of work to do.

Rest In Peace Pastor Zachery Tims.

You will surely be missed, and your righteous example and amazing legacy has truly spawned a spirit of excellence that will continue on into eternity.

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