The Delusional General & His Shamed Army – Where Have All The Mitt Romney Bumper Stickers Gone?

I have to say it in your face!

The Republican Party ain’t really gangsta at all!

It’s supposed to be ride or die in whatever you do!

You remind me of the dude who runs the last lap in a relay race but wants to take the entire credit for the win.

Nothing good came out your political party yet you want to knock the man who you resisted every step of the way because you just don’t like the packaging that he arrive to this earth in.

But the greed of those in this country will continue to bring it down as it was on a downward spiral long before President Obama arrived on the scene.

Mitt Romney After Defeat

Now in actuality I am not really a person who is involved deeply into the day to day changes on the political scene but since I have been on the receiving end of so much aggressive treatment from total strangers and the things that they say in passing because they’ve assumed that I am a supporter of the President because he is Black my eyes have been opened to the ignorance that is so obvious to the entire world that make many in this country appear to be ill informed buffoons who are misled from the misinformation put out to them on the Fox News Network.

It was almost like these folks were angry! Angry at what? Because YOUR country was taken away? Well maybe this is a case of what goes around comes around because you know how this land came into your possession through your bloodline and you feel that if someone thought the way that your forefathers thought about the natives here than YOU as the people who run things would be in a whole lot of trouble!

Romney Sticker Removal

The most pompous, arrogant, condescending attitudes for no reason whatsoever came at me really gave me a peek into a psyche that showed me what the Native Americans as well as the stolen Africans already knew and found out the hard way.

I remember just recently while “sitting” in the restroom on my job, two fellow employees walked in and never knew that someone else was there even though they looked for feet in the stalls to really see (I lifted mine up because I knew they would check! LOL) if anyone else was there so they can talk in private.

So they began to speak what was on their heart and all I heard was FEAR!

“What are you going to do now Bill? They might as well open the borders because it’s all over now! I might as well leave the country because it’s going to be one big melting pot and that would be a shame! America as we know it is DYING!”

Now really I thought!

This coworker of mine was in fear because he realized that America now is one big melting pot? Let’s get real!

This is what I was indoctrinated with for so many years coming up in these “schools” in America, that this country was supposed to be one big melting pot of every conceivable race, culture, nationality, lifestyle preference, ideals, creeds and so on. But now since this country is truly manifesting into just that – a melting pot – many like my frightened coworker are so fearful of not being the one in power or having that sense of superiority that comes with being the majority in a place now want to punk out and run because they perceive their power to be slipping!

Let me tell you, it isn’t slipping because a Black man is the president, it’s slipping because you didn’t do right by the people of the country and the world when you HAD complete reign over us! So it is merely a matter of time before your time to rule is over and no amount of stupid comments, rants, raging or complaining will ever change that! It’s BIGGER than Barack Obama because little do you realize it but YOU and yours are the modern day Babylon that scripture has been speaking of! Don’t think that the scriptures were speaking merely of the Babylon in the past my friend, it was also speaking of what was yet to come in the future and YOU fit the description to a “T”!

Statue Of Liberty

Now you are faced by not being the dominant world power that you once was even though there is more money still here than you want to admit to and think that someone is demanding of you who are filthy rich to “share” what you have! No one wants your damn money but since we’ve realized that you’ve gained your control by having your slimy cursed hands around our necks we don’t want you exploiting and using us on your jobs anymore so we can get the benefit of our hard work in a fair manner!

Ain’t that something? You speak of the darker people and many of your own poor white people wanting a free handout after raping our collective resources and cheating us in every conceivable manner but the rich of you never complained when the same President who you love to hate bailed out YOUR banks and gave corporate amerikkka a free ride mere weeks after taking office!

A handout?

Billions upon countless billions sure seems like a handout to me!

But as I sat back (LOL!) and listened to those two coworkers exchange their deepest fears, I thought to myself that there are many people who identify with the power mongers and elite of this country but don’t have a damn pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!

So where does this deep rooted connection that they feel come from?

I haven’t the slightest clue but I do know that most of them do not have the ability to think creatively and HUSTLE legally as so many of us including myself know how to do so well. They don’t know how to generate a dime if it doesn’t come from the overtime on their job. They don’t know how to shop smart and cut back unless they are forced to because they just don’t have it. They don’t know how to truly pray when the going gets rough to make it to the other side of defeat and onto the podium of victory because their belief system is only based on what they see and do not have the ability to see the unseen.

This is why they are delusional at this point from something that they really don’t have any reason to be afraid of. Like the person who is guilty of murder that has to live their life thinking about always getting caught, they have to move in a manner where they are always looking over their shoulder because the wrong move can get them discovered for what was done in secret.

I have a friend who can pass for white, he is white but from another country but speaks perfect English, but he tells me of all of the racist remarks in secret that 85% of his white coworkers speak in whispers but so convincingly foo, the masses of those who don’t look like them who feel that they are loved so much by the same people who despise and ridicule them.

What else is new?

I’ve always saw through the Colgate smiles and plastic demeanor.

But now it’s a new day and the happenings of these days are like a spoon stirring up the reluctant ingredients from the bottom of a glass. You didn’t know that it was laying dormant at the bottom but it sure showed up once you stirred that spoon after a while.

So the present events of the day have shown the world what was really in your hearts for us all along. It’s not merely about a Republican/Democratic rift. Or maybe a White/Black thing, because we all know that was always present, but I feel that so many of you are just downright evil!

So if you hate anyone because they don’t believe in the same philosophies that you do, then your time is up!

If you can’t accept a “foreigner” for arriving to these shores without the hate in their heart that your forefathers had for others, then realize it’s time to pay up for what you’ve hidden in your heart for so long.

Negative energy begets negative energy, so that paper thin facade of love and togetherness will never cover the hate that you hold in your heart which was revealed in this last Presidential campaign…….

…….so don’t rush too quick to scrape off that “Romney/Ryan for President” bumper sticker because the secret is out and we can never forget your venom!

The delusional general has been defeated and his shamed army now tries to hide.

Your fake attempts of bi-partisanship will never be received as though they are authentic because your wicked tracks in the sands of time dictate that we are to watch you die your slow deserved death as the a new era is to begin. Now I am not speaking of the wicked new world order, I am speaking of the spiritual awakening of a people who now see between the lies and empty promises of those who never meant us any good in the first place.

America Melting Pot

Our awakening now will take some time but we are on our way even though there are many who will cling to their oppressors as though they can’t make it on their own without them.

Let them go too but separate yourself from this order and this world as much as you can on all levels because your very life depends on it!

God promises to protect you from the upcoming travesties of your oppressor as long as you believe in Him with your mind, body and soul!

No President or politician will ever save you the way that our Supreme maker can, so wake up and serve The One who has given you life and let the heathens run scared when the Almighty comes to serve justice and put them forever more where they belong.

Many will read these words and continue to call me a madman, but I really don’t care because they didn’t wake me up this morning nor give me the wonderful life that I am finally enjoying now.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Still Very Much Radical Brother,


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