Sister Empress speaks on the twisted state of the cult like Religion with its ever changing rules called Catholicism. This is truly a situation where Religion is far removed from Spirituality and this is why so many wicked toxic incidents can happen under the Catholic rule because it is a carnal man made order that serves the shadow government behind it.

The focus here in this episode of The LanceScurv Show are the dirty “little” secrets of Catholicism. The evil history of it, the child predators and molestation’s as well as little known facts that those in power do not want the masses to know. Also, our Brother Keith Newsome schools us on many mysteries hidden from us by the Caucasian race and makes total sense in putting the hidden pieces together of what they wouldn’t dare teach us in school!

This show is mandatory listening as you will leave with an elevated mentally that the television box of mind control and indoctrination could never give you!

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