The Divine Answer To That Dilemma Is Always Lurking Within!

I can remember back in the days while growing up I would always find myself looking toward the future with an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm because it seemed as though it was in that not too distant time where everything good was going to happen.

The new and exciting inventions, the projected peace between the nations of the world, the passage of time and the changes that it brings and just being young in a time where so much change was going on.

Sure, there were problems, there were lots of problems but below the veneer of whatever issues were prevalent at that golden time it could never be enough for most of us to give up on the fact that tomorrow will be a better and brighter day.

But these days after having passed through the decades that came after that blessed me with a wisdom that only experiencing that passage of time can bring, I realize that it was not necessary to look outward for the answers to the questions that I had for my personal life and that the arrival of the so called future only comes when you connect to that divine force that we all have within in order to manifest ones new personal reality.

It’s true, we ARE our own future and if we cannot move past the present mindsets and hangups that we have in the “now” then our future will never arrive!

There are too many distractions that take us out of ourselves and seduce us away from divine mission and tasks that we were put here to execute.

This is the catch-22 situation in our lives that we get caught up in that inadvertently brings us to a place of increased frustrations. We fall into the trap of thinking that the answers to our issues are embedded deep within our carnal desires that are really covert distractions only to find out that after so many years of reckless indulgence that it didn’t bring us any closer to that place where we would have attained that sense of peace and accomplishment that comes from being in line with our mission.


So I would suggest to everyone out here who may be deep in the valley of some type of major life changing decision that the answer and guidance that you seek will come from that God force that you possess inside of you and the only way to amplify that voice to be heard loud and clear is to pull away from the toxicities of this world that only clog your ability to hear that voice.

But far too many of us are too far gone into our vices to let go of them because we don’t even realize how far off of the mark we really are!

That is a sad place to be in this world when especially at this time in history we need to be connected more than ever before in recent history.

Some of us realize far too late that we have been barking up the wrong tree when it dawns on us that our indulges have no answers for us when those unfortunate turbulent times decide to visit our lives leaving us to discover that those same methods of escape were just one big waste of time.

Have you ever witnessed the pain of a person who had severe addictions come out of the fog that their vice brings abruptly because of the fact that they had to attend the funeral of a loved one?

I use this example because there is no way that one can hide from the sometimes grim reality of death. And when I’ve observed that so called crackhead or alcoholic go through such a life changing crisis, either it will force them to take heed to that gentle inner voice of righteousness or it drives them deeper into the abyss of mind numbing addictions.

But why does it take such a cataclysmic calamity to “snap” someone out of the carnal destructive indulgences that literally wipe out all connections to that inner divine voice?

Why is it that we just can’t heed that guidance without foolishly feeling as though we can make it on our own without it?

All I can say that after living almost half a century in various stages of obedience to the  mindset of a backslider it is so much easier and better to live ones life under the protection of God’s direction by listening to the Holy Spirit.

It is the divine GPS (Global Positioning System) that is guaranteed to be fail proof as it moves you safely from the demonic minefields that lurk about the earth shrewdly placed by satan himself to keep you from your glorious destiny!

Don’t be a fool!

Listen to what you hear coming from within and success, a long clean healthy life, prosperity and happiness will be yours for the taking each and every time!

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