The Divinity Of Time

If you’ve lived any substantial amount of time in this world you will understand how precious time is with every passing day because you will begin to see your own mortality.

Not everyone sees this or comes to this realization, but eventually most do, sooner or later.

The quality of your life will be taken to a much higher level the sooner that you understand this. It has nothing to do with attaining
material trinkets when you come to this epiphany, but when you do you will gain the ability to “receive” more of the beauty of life because you now understand that this thing doesn’t last forever.

You soak in more…….

They say that youth is wasted on the young but I believe that those same individuals also forgot to tell you that wisdom is wasted on the old. Wasted? I think not. I believe that once one gets to that point of “knowing” that their earthly time is limited then they are now in a more mature space to absorb the wisdom that is around us in overwhelming abundance.

With a greater appreciation of time we tend to become more efficient in all that we do. It’s true. As we get older and we see how precious our energy stores are we “think” more and utilize our brain to get our tasks completed at a fraction of the usual amount of energy expended.

Think not?

Then just observe that old man or older woman go about their way and I am willing to bet that you will learn some really amazing ways to cut corners. You in essence, by observation alone, will get the benefit of a lifetime of trial and error just by taking the time to watch. It’s a beautiful thing!

But you know what I’ve noticed? And I think this observation is ironic, that those who are blessed to probably have MORE time in their life because of their younger age are the very people who just can’t seem to take their time to move surefooted in getting a task completed without any foolish mistakes!

On the other hand, those of us who probably DON’T have an overabundance of time in their life statistically because of their
older ages seem to know how to “take their time” in order to get their tasks completed right at the first attempt with absolutely no wasted time.

Seems as though our younger counterparts just don’t seem to have an appreciation for the time that they do have because of the perception of having an overabundance in their time stores.

I’ve learned not only to take my time in everything that I do but also the added benefit is that you enjoy the tasks more.

So many people miss out on so much joy by rushing their time spent, how many of us missed out on the beauty of a great meal because we were in a hurry? What’s the rush?

The problem is that we do not want to endure the beneficial foundation forming process but we want the lucrative results instantly.

We don’t want any degree of cultivating a strong long term relationship yet we wonder WHY those unions never last past the first clumsy session of faux intimacy that really was nothing more than an abbreviated session of mutual masturbation.

We don’t want to sacrifice and go through the process of saving our money and cutting back on our spending so we go for all types of
illegal schemes to make money and end up looking stupid sitting up in somebodies jail cell full of regrets!

We don’t want to take the time to slowly get ourselves in better health by eating the proper foods balance with moderate exercise and
rest but we will risk our very lives by chopping up our guts in an unhealthy and life shortening gastric bypass procedure because we lack the wisdom to do things with patience and God’s guidance.

We go to church week in and week out rushing to sport our latest fashion additions to our wardrobe purchased at the mall and do not receive the righteous word in the manner it was meant to be absorbed because we have become increasingly degenerate in our spirits, blaming everyone else for our woes yet we refuse to change ourselves to take responsibility for our own transgressions. We rush to judge everyone else by the strictest standards yet we stall indefinitely when it comes time to look within ourselves.

This generation has no sense of long suffering and the world tomorrow will suffer because of it, but there is a reason for this…….

If the truth be told I can’t blame them but I hold their parents, guardians and caregivers accountable because if THEY took the time
with their offspring the way they did when they were polishing their car’s chrome rims they would be better off and we would not have the issues with them as we do.

You see? While it’s great to take your time with your tasks it’s just as important to take the time with those lovely living breathing gifts from God in the form of our children.

Think about it! It’s the only way guarantee a bright future!

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