The Empire State Building Shootings – Should Something Like This Really Be A Shock To Us?

The morning of August 24th as soon as I checked my messages I saw that I was flooded with notes and links that spoke of a shooting at the Empire State Building in New York City at approximately nine o’clock this morning by a gunman named Jeffrey Johnson who was 58 years old.

At first I was confused because after a long deep slumber, it was so hard to comprehend such a horrific scenario in an intersection that I know so very well. But then again, things of this sort can happen just about anywhere because of the general feeling of hopelessness that has swept over the land.

Empire State Building Shooter

Before I get into my deeper thoughts on this, let me start by saying that many people out here in the world have their spiritual gas tanks running low near empty. meaning that they do not understand their spiritual nature and have done nothing to refill their inner man as things were okay and they went about life with no balanced outlook whatsoever.

Just because your life may be going fine now doesn’t mean that you must ignore all things spiritual as you are only setting yourself up for an “implosion” when the stresses of this world come down on you in the form of some type of loss that you just will not be able to control!

We watch our bank accounts grow and feel that money can purchase anything or heal every situation that we have no control over but what happens when we do not have the ample financial might anymore at our disposal because of the loss of a job or an altered lifestyle even from the loss of an independent source of revenue?

Why is it that we have to be scrapping the bottom of our emotional bowls before we realize that it is not merely money that heals all pain, frustration and hopelessness in our life?

This is why so many of us cannot handle a job loss and the drastic lifestyle changes that come from such a crisis. Now don’t let me sit up here and fool you into thinking that I am some type of guru who has a life that is void of any need of money because that is not true at all, but I will say that while I work just as hard and try to get as much as I can of this coveted green paper that we call cash, I do know the importance of seeing beyond the madness and understanding that money is not merely the ONLY important factor in my existence when I at the present time have my health, strength and presence of mind.

How much money would one pay to regain THOSE faculties once the tide has changed as far as how blessed they are in those departments has diminished?

But while I am still not to clear on what exactly happened and I am sure the story will develop even more with the passage of time and an investigation, what I do know right now is that the individual who carried out this cold-hearted act was someone who was laid off about a year ago from a particular company and couldn’t find any work since.

Now if the facts come out to being something different, allow me to apologize but for the most part let me take this little part of what I think I know and run with it.

If in fact this is the truth, look how many other people across this country and over the globe have done the same exact thing!

Going “Postal” as many refer to it is not a new phenomenon but it seems to me these days that it is happening more than ever before as many individuals do not feel as though life is worth living after the degradation in their spirits and pride that comes after losing the ability to sustain oneself in an independent and dignified manner.

Think about it, for those of us who do have jobs, how devastated would your world be if not only you lost your main (And for the most part ONLY!) source of income not only for a few weeks, but for an entire year? And to add more hurt to the perception is that this person couldn’t even FIND work elsewhere in all of that time!

…….the money completely stops but the bills keep piling in!

Now I know that I would be feeling it like most others but I really do not think that I would react in such a drastic manner because I do try to see things on many different levels and acknowledge that I must keep my spiritual tank full so that it would keep me from “going there!”

But to be honest I have seen so many bosses, supervisors and so called superiors on these jobs insert their ego into the responsibilities and tasks that their job description demands of them and they turn those who are working under the narcissistic scrutiny like mere puppets in a system that doesn’t belong to them nor is there for them to inject unwholesome amounts of unnecessary stress into those who are there merely to earn a paycheck and try to make a life for themselves in this tough and challenging economy.

Why can’t some of these clowns who parade around as bosses stop making life miserable for the people who oftentimes have other stresses in their life that have piled up silently and under the radar which can result in someone to recall the humiliation endured as well as the power trips and struggles and snap mentally only to return to those who they perceived had a great laugh off of their suffering and misery?

While I am NOT saying that it is right to kill or intend to injure anyone, I am merely saying that these so called job “superiors” need to understand that they are playing with people’s lives here and they do have long memories when it comes time to make a decision how one is going to deal with the possibility of living out in the street homeless and unstructured.

People will always remember how you made them feel…….

…….be very aware of how hurtful it is to be a boss and an asshole at the same time. You are playing with peoples feelings and lives.

The results can be very disastrous.

This is why I believe that the Empire State Building shootings will not be the last one at all because of the sense of hopelessness that is quite a stronghold over the land. Really look into the faces of those in the general public overall as you walk down the street and you will see the pain, emptiness and disconnect from one another in their eyes. And while we as a culture always had some major obstacle to surmount, we didn’t move about the earth with our spiritual tanks on “E” (Empty) as we do now.

This has brought us to a place where it is not hard to disregard the sanctity of human life and operate on the level of a wild beast where our very reactions to the stresses of the day go unchecked as far our awareness of the consequences of those reactions are concerned because we do not see the humanity in one another anymore.

So we have become walking time bombs that not only have absolutely no joy to look forward to but wouldn’t acknowledge it if it were to appear in our lives on a regular basis. We are in fact emotional, mental and spiritual zombies that only heed the desires that call out to us in our basic bodily functions.

Stressful Jobs

Whatever happened to our love for one another? Whatever happened to living in a society where we reached out to one another and therefore thwarted any major problems in our fellow man because of the healing qualities of living in a community where we felt that someone truly cared?

The accepted rule of the day is that it is every man and woman for themselves and this in fact is against EVERYTHING that our Creator had planned for us when we were brought into this world! But we in our “infinite” wisdom have refused to submit to the righteous laws that demand that we be our Brother’s keeper and care not for someone who is going through a personal hell and tragedy that spilled over to innocent (And maybe NOT so innocent!) people whose families and extended families will feel something tragic and painful that didn’t have to happen if someone would have merely reached out.

…….and to be honest about a situation that I do not know all of the details about, it is possible that the shooter DID deserve to be fired if he did not fulfill his end of his obligations in filling the work position that he was hired on to execute. But I suspect that there was some ridicule, belittling, condescending words spoken to him as well as a lingering feeling or believe held within that he was treated unfairly in his losing his job.

Whatever happened to the days when one would enter into a bank and all of the tellers as well as the bank president know your name personally?

Whatever happened to the neighborhood beat cop whose gun NEVER had to get pulled even ONCE in his entire career walking up and down those same designated streets that he was hired and trained to patrol where he was viewed by the community that he was to protect and serve as a friendly fixture who checked on everyone and never had a boring, risky or challenging moment because of the love and respect that the people had for him?

Whatever happened to those safe tight knit communities that would happily take your child into their home without hesitation when they had forgotten their house key and you were not scheduled to arrive home until many hours later?

…….and whatever happened to that place that the world USED to be where your daughters, sisters and elderly could take a late evening stroll to combat insomnia where you did not have to worry about their safety?

You see, if you would answer any of the above questions honestly then you will have an idea what happened a few days ago in Manhattan by the famous Empire State Building.

King Kong Shot Down

It may have been a fictional tale that had King Kong shot down there to his death at the base of that building but it is a sad reality that left a desperate man feeling that all hope, dreams, aspirations connectedness to others was something beyond his pained reach to cause him to take action like he did leaving the aforementioned attributes of a healthy mind just as dead as the tragic mythical figure that King Kong ever displayed.

What’s even more disheartening is that reality can be even more tragic than a Shakespearean play, just ask those who got a huge hard dose of that reality on a morning where so many went about their business in routine fashion at the base of a building where hope, security, dreams and happiness died in the same spot where Mr. King Kong left this earth.

We don’t need to go to the movies to pay to be shocked anymore, just turn on the news reporting channel on your television set in any major city for free or simply walk down any crowded street.


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