The Enemy Comes To Kill & Destroy! – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv speaks on multiple topics that are of concern to Black People showing how to navigate behind the enemy lines here in America. So many others who do not look like us will arrive here simply to snoop around to cause confusion in order to take away from the effectiveness of the message. Understand that this posting is the beginning of an even more uncensored level to the LanceScurv platform, so expect from this day forward for the content here will be very uncomfortable to those who tend to stick their heads in the sand when the going gets tough!

The Enemy Comes To Kill & Destroy! - The LanceScurv Show

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About The Author

Media Personality / President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues of raw human nature the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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