It’s no secret that the Black Woman and Man is globally despised and envied at the same time by so many who secretly admire their essence and hate the fact that they possess so much life force and divine creativity. In the Motherland Alkebulan it is well known that it is the richest most fertile land on the planet and the Black African stands on it as his and her birthright. It is because of this and the divine often dormant talents and abilities that we possess that lets those that hate us know that we are destined for a greatness that can never be exploited ever again in this life and for countless generations to come. Add to the fact that while many are still sleeping there are a phenomenal amount of us waking up to the reality of the perpetual exploitation that cannot be denied as the cosmic shift of the universe toward justice and karma is quickly coming our way. This is why our enemy has targeted our youth for worldwide termination!

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