The Facade Of Success From A Grind That’s Going Nowhere Fast!

I’ve noticed that the term “getting on my grind” or “I’ve got to get on my grind” has become commonplace amongst the lingo of our youth, heck, even I catch myself using the term from time to time ’cause it does have a nice ring to it.

But from what I see with the masses who use the term, it seems as though most who incorporate it into their vocabulary haven’t a clue as to what it means. Well, let me correct myself, they pretty much know what it means but really can’t grasp the enormity of what is truly required to be ON a grind.

Grind. Now let’s just look at the word. What does it mean to most people? Grind as in grinding ones teeth. Damn. That’s not too pleasant a thing now is it? So in essence being on a grind is not a very comfortable thing, but the inference is that you are going through an uncomfortable period of sacrifice in order to achieve a goal.

Wouldn’t you agree?

I knew you would.

But what in the heck do most of our youth mean (And those of us who are not too young but act as though we have forgotten that we’ve aged a bit!) by being on their grind when they literally have no plan, no goal, no fire in their belly or even a fair shot at what they vaguely claim that they want to do? Why does it seem as though it’s the in thing to “posture” as though you are about something worthwhile than doing the damn thing?

I guess this means that “frontin'” is the new grind!

I see more people work harder on their Facebook profile picture that they do in actually trying to go out into the world the old fashioned way to make things happen by forging real relationships with people in their particular industry and area of expertise!

But then again many will be stuck because having the most impressive Facebook page upon last check wasn’t a career that could amount to any substantial compensation unless you happened to be a cyber-hooker or in the adult sex industry.

We all know of that lazy ass loser who always wants to put on the outside show that he or she has so many things going on but in reality has no ambition to do anything except mooch off of anyone around them by prostituting their projected future successes for that “loan until next week!”

And while I don’t really consider myself to be some great Renaissance man of the twenty first century, I know for a fact that I bust my chops on a regular basis over and above what most of the population of the frauds out here do!

It ain’t easy by a long stretch but when you do what you do out of love the joy comes from the process and not merely the monetary payoff or narcissistic rush that comes with the worldly acknowledgment of ones achievements.

The bottom line of what it all boils down to is are you willing to really get on that faceless grind that will require sacrifice, long hours, denial of the wants in this life as well as being equipped to continue on even while feeling discouraged?

Or will you settle for the Photoshopped lie of a Facebook page or fancy website that merely makes you look like you are doing the damn thing without having to push harder each and every time out of the gate?

Too many have settled for the latter but I have committed to reaching consistently for a higher level of excellence with every day God blesses me with! And I think this commitment shows from the manifested creativity that flows from without my soul! This is what I feel separates me from the frauds, that I can come with original content each and everyday on several different fronts sustained steadily over a period of time!

Flash in the pan? Never!

Building a legacy? Always!

This is what I knew deep in my heart many years ago when I began this journey, the naysayers and the competitive knuckleheads had no clue as to the enormity of my vision. This is what I suggest for everyone who is serious about excelling in an area of expertise to do. Pick you unique lane and commit to it over the long haul, know that fads will come and go but you will remain steady over the life of the course.

By approaching it that way you will ascend steadily and forge your place amongst your peers as one who has the highest reputation in your field and cannot be denied because of the body of work and the quality of work that you have stuck by over the years!

With that intact your hard work will NEVER be taken as a facade of success and unlike that flashy website or Facebook page, it can’t be deleted quickly with the click of a button!

Facades, gimmicks and fads will come and go but a body of work built on principle will never die! Outlast the foolishness of the day and build slowly and surely for the long haul!

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