The Fear Of The Rut Or The Thrill Of The Pursuit? Which One Rules Your Life?

Stress. Depression. Anxiety. Pressure. Disappointment. Sorrow. Regret……. I could go on and on as these are words that I am quite sure many of us know oh so well in these tough, taxing and very challenging times exactly what they feel like.

There are a multitude of reasons why many of us experience these “not to pleasant” states of being but regardless as to the origin of it and how you got there one thing is for certain…….you don’t want to be there too long at all!

Many of us slip into that state of mind unknowingly and don’t seem to know how to get out of it and can sometimes linger there not only for days but for years!

Almost any type of perceived loss can catapult us into the valley of an emotional rut. Breakups, job loss, death, relocating to a new place away from old friends, rhythms and surroundings, even reaching a goal that you’ve always strive for can bring on those feelings of the blues very quickly. It’s not always the negative scenarios that could make you feel a little down either.

Imagine being a parent whose last child moved out on their own, that parent will have a lot of time on their hands and has become so accustomed to being there for their growing child that a feeling of uselessness can easily come over them when they don’t seem to be as needed as much as they were before.

But that scenario is relative because there are other parents that are jumping for joy when they finally have their nest to themselves and can finally enjoy a privacy that has been elusive from them for what seems like an eternity! For them it is comparable to hitting the lottery for countless millions!

Imagine how good it feels to graduate high school or college and while that feeling of grand accomplishment washes over your soul the tears roll down at the same time creating a bittersweet feeling of a happy sadness because you know that things will never be the same. While you were up all night studying for what seemed to be countless hours on very little sleep you prayed for that day to come where you would be free of the shackles of a seemingly endless school routine yet you have finally arrived and are getting the feeling that you really don’t want things to change!

What gives?

I have discovered on a personal level that the sweetest times in life that you will ever enjoy and look back on as the good old days are the times when you are locked in the righteous struggle of striving to reach a goal and experiencing the thrill of the pursuit!

You see, while that overwhelmingly beautiful feeling that we experience when reaching our goals is a feeling that just cannot be explained, what we don’t realize that not too soon after reaching that pinnacle and high point of accomplishment that the feeling of being a little down or even outright depression is lurking right around the corner!

This is why many of us fall into foolish activities that don’t make any sense after reaching a level of accomplishment that others would give their right arm to enjoy.

What most of us do not realize is that it is not the reaching of the goal that is the sweetest part but the thrill of the pursuit of that goal that adds so much color to our lives and validates our existence.

We feel much higher about ourselves when we can tell others of the goals that we hope to accomplish as we are in the pursuit of it as opposed to telling them what we already have conquered. Think about it…….

Look at the joy and exuberance that washes across the face of someone who is telling you that they are going after some personal lifetime dream or goal. It doesn’t always have to be something on a grand scale, it could be something as simple as a retiree finally having the time to work on that beautiful garden that they have always wanted but never had the time because of the many hours at work that they put in on a job.

Or maybe another example is the one of that youngster who has always dreamed of finding the cures for those ailments that have claimed so many lives and with no end in sight as to the pain it will cause countless families in the near future. For this person, to cure the world would make them the ultimate hero and superstar as opposed to that young jock who dreams of being a winning quarterback in the Super Bowl.

All dreams are good as long as you commit to taken action to make them reality!

For someone else it might be the thrill of the pursuit in finally getting into the rhythm of living a healthier lifestyle which would enable them to finally trim off those unwanted and unhealthy pounds, what may be a small achievement for one might be a lifetime accomplishment for another.

So do understand that the feeling of joy that comes from going after making that garden a reality is probably just as rewarding as that young kid who dreams of being the scientist that finds a cure for H.I.V. or cancer. Neither person has the time to feel depressed as they push on toward the realizations of their dream!

What matters in all of these examples is that by merely “moving” toward your goals is the only sure shot remedy for feeling down and being depressed about being in that seemingly bottomless rut.

If there is any secret that I have discovered in this life then that is it! The cure for feeling down and out is not to think of the days gone by as being the so called “good old days,” but while those days gone by possess their own unique and undeniable sweetness we must not forfeit the present days and the joy that they bring by not being in pursuit of our goals large and small in order to look back on today as also  being part of those GOOD OLD DAYS!

Today you have the opportunity to move toward something greater, whether it’s a college degree, better health or to improve your relationship with your loved ones, yourself or your God. Never allow the “the illusion of the rut” defeat you in your mind to stop you from that exhilarating sensation of accomplishment that is there for everyone!

Realize that no matter how low one has fallen in this life that we all have the ability to move to higher ground mentally, spiritually and physically if we merely set our goals in attainable sensible increments and committing relentlessly to making these smaller goals a reality. The remedy for the blues are NOT in the liquor bottle, the crack pipe, the gambling casino or the topless bar…….the only cure for feeling down is being up and participating in the life that you have been blessed with to go after your goals after unearthing your hidden abilities to enjoy the thrill of the pursuit!

Try it sometimes, being the star performer in ones life sure beats being a mere spectator to someone else’s!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these words of inspiration and insight but I have to go now! I’ve got some goals to reach today! God bless!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,



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