The Fire In Your Belly!

It’s that special drive that one has internally that makes them refuse to settle for second best.

It’s that special quality that you have in overwhelming abundance that those who in contrast that are content with a nondescript mediocre existence will covertly hate you for.

It’s what makes you go the extra mile each and every time to ensure that it is your hand raised in victory whether it is against an external opponent or an inner demon to whom you are locked in battle with that won’t stop plaguing you.

While many can posture as though they too possess this quality, those in the know realize that very few truly have it and that those who do possess it never pretend to have it because they know that a legacy of winning is built slowly and surely and never with a quick flash flurry of sensationalistic events that are not spread over a span of time.

So what is this unseen generator of the human spirit that has allowed the very elite to almost appear for a time to have superhuman capabilities above and beyond all recorded documentation.

It’s called having the fire in the belly and no matter how much education, status or wealth one has, it can never move the mountains abroad that the pure unadulterated passions possessed can achieve.

You can’t be trained to have it nor can you buy your way into it. You are born with this drive…….it’s a divine gift indeed. But while one I blessed to have the advantages of an overabundance of this precious fuel of motivation, it can sometimes take quite some time before the bearer can appreciate the built in advantages of having it and can many times in their immaturity feel that it is somewhat of a burden or even a curse!

A curse? You might ask this question and I can understand why one would react to someone saying that having such a high level of motivation might be a curse. Well, it is never a curse once you realize what you have but it can be very much a cross to bear throughout ones life and I will explain it this way…….

Having the fire in your belly to ascend to your highest manifestations of inborn potential will most often isolate you from indulging in what others might feel is a so called normal life.

When being constantly self motivated you must understand that you will NEVER have what is considered a normal life nor would you really ever want it if you knew what THAT entailed!

…….and speaking on isolation, expect to BE isolated from most others due to the fact that your constant motivation will make others feel insecure and reveal to them brazenly what THEY are not doing with their lives so therefore they will not take well to your presence.

You will be spoken of in an ill manner.

You will be ridiculed behind your back and even sometimes right to your face.

You will even be called crazy!

All of this because of the obvious fire that resides in your belly to challenge yourself to new personal heights.

But the real challenge arrives when those around you who have settled for mediocre standards detect when you have found the mission to which you’ve applied you fire to.

You see, it’s just fine to the mediocre posturers who have nothing more going on positive in their life aside from being a wage slave.

But when they see that you possess the talent AND the fire to take life to the many levels of success then THIS is when you personal battles will begin!

So be prepared for a very lonely existence but know that you wouldn’t want it any other way.

You wouldn’t want it any other way because when you finally reach your goals and realize your dreams you will finally understand that it was those personal battles that prepared you and seasoned your character to enjoy those hard earned victories even more so because you went through so much. This is an achievement that the mediocre people in your midst just won’t ever enjoy and when you think about it, it’s the ultimate revenge. So bother not with your naysayers to argue over what you well know exists deep in the inner recesses of your soul because it won’t be long before they discover that all that they may have said about you on a negative level was wrong all along.

To much who is given, much is expected…….I know that you’ve heard that saying before. Know that you are special and never lose sight of where you are going in this life no matter WHO speaks otherwise! Why? Because they ONLY Entity responsible for blessing you with that fire in your belly is God Himself and if you truly have this supernatural drive within you then there is definitely a divine mission mapped out for you in your life whether you know it right now or not!

So trust in what God has put within you and rise to the heights that only a mighty God can place you in!

It doesn’t matter if you are broke right now without a dime in your pocket.

It doesn’t matter if you just got dumped by your mate.

It doesn’t matter if your in-laws have made you an outcast to their inner circle of dysfunction!

You are bigger than any mere category that man can place you in or any name that he can attempt to blaspheme you with!

…….because at the end of the day, that fire in your belly will manifest a greatness that is proof positive that all along God was always by your side!

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