The Fires Of Conviction

Too many times in this life we move toward a goal as though we are on cruise control but seem to forget that our time here is not promised nor is the realization of those goals and we need to push hard with some type of sense of urgency.

Most don’t.

…….and this is why most just won’t ever see their projected accomplishments become reality because they do not possess the fire of conviction!

Yes, the fire of conviction is a beautiful thing and it is the split second difference between world class runners who who have trained their entire life just to come down to one race that is won or lost on mere split second timing.

The fire of conviction is so empowering and makes the difference each and every time especially when you have that single mother who is hellbent on achieving that college degree even though she works two jobs, takes public transportation and has three young kids to take care off every single day of her life. The fire of conviction will positively zone you out to the point where you see only what you righteously desire and have committed to forsaking every other carnal pleasure in this world in order to make it a reality.

Fire Of Conviction

The fire of conviction makes it so easy to leap over the obstacles that others trip over and move the mountains that have made the bravest individuals quiver in fear and defeat at the mere thought of taking on such an immovable opponent!

The impossible is possible when you possess this level of conviction and the more things seem to NOT be in your favor is the MORE these internal flames rise to the occasion to show the world that what is in you is stronger than what is in the world!

The fires of conviction cannot dwell in a heart where mediocrity is accepted as the norm. No one who has “given up” and has taken the low road in this life will ever become all that they can be as designated by God through His many examples in scripture.

It doesn’t matter WHAT your beginnings are or how many mistakes that you’ve made in the past according to the world’s low standards, when the fire of conviction takes you over then all of those past transgressions as quickly washed away and your new reality shines bright in front of you guaranteed to become yours as long as you make it a point to keep those fires burning from within.

Yes, it is up to you to keep feeding the fires and making sure that those flames never die as we have these forces around us that will attempt to kill off your power source each and every time if you let them.

What you have to understand is that the fires of conviction is actually raw energy, it’s a special type of God given energy that can actually be converted into something bad if you allow the negative forces of this world to hijack your mind and take over the wheel of your life and therefore indulge you in the unrighteous endeavors that the fires of conviction were never made to fuel.

These forces know exactly who you are and will constantly follow you to bid on your precious fires so that they can use them for their own covert agenda.

Just like that alcoholic man who has given up on his whole life except for his so called escape into the bottle, he knows where to hang out and he knows how to usurp your finances as he positions himself in front of the bank, the supermarket and at the red light.

Alcoholic Man

These forces know what your weaknesses are and will readily come up magically with the very vices that you have sworn to avoid.


To give in “just a little” will hurt your chances of success and literally cause you to question your own reasons for pushing so hard toward your goal as the mindset of normalcy floods your entire being eventually into nothingness.

How can you blow up a balloon successfully when it has several tiny holes in it that will never allow that balloon to hold any air no matter how long you stand there to blow it up?

This is what the wrong people in your midst will do to your dreams if you allow them to.

This world as we know it today is so far off of the mark of what God intended it to be and we cannot allow our common senses and divine compass to be thrown off by the foolishness that is in our midst that won’t ever amount to being anything of note on the grand scale of things so if you now have that fire of conviction deep in your soul then you hold on to it will all of your might because it is that one thing that will carry you through to a brighter and better reality!

Fads, hairstyles, lifestyles, slang and the fashions of the day will come and go but a life of principle will NEVER die as long as you stoke the fires of conviction from within to keep you on course and away from that which will rob you of that reward of a destiny.

Faddish Hairstyles

Sure, it won’t be easy but understand that for those who have punked out to live a life of mediocrity know that for them every single moment of that lost potential of a life is tormented because those individuals will NEVER hit the high note of their lives or have a signature moment from which to be proud of. This is why many spend their time trying to escape the pain of having no fire in their belly and leave themselves open to just about anything!

When you possess the fire of conviction, every living breathing moment is precious to you because you know what you can do in such a short amount of time. The frivolous has no pull on your senses because it makes no sense to indulge yourself in something that is not moving you closer to your goal! Some of you understand exactly what I am speaking about but sadly many of you just don’t have a clue.

Now after speaking on this issue I have fired myself up and have to run but let me hear your views on my words and do know that we all can make it if we only keep ourselves connected to the right source!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Fired Up Brother,


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