The Funny Pages – A Destitute Rep. John Fleming Speaks!

John Fleming couldn’t have picked a better time to admit that after revealing the fact that after his company earned 6.3 million dollars, he had ONLY 400,000 dollars left over on which to live on after he paid for the expenses of his business as well as feeding his family and personal costs.

He spoke in a manner that came off as him viewing his $400,000 dollars net pay being comparable to being destitute.

What time is it that he choose to speak his arrogant words?

He revealed his feelings toward the “little bit of money” he had left over at a time when the United States of America has been going through one of the worst economic periods in recent history since the depression!

Some things are better left not shared at all!


This illustrates how some human beings view their realities so differently than what the truth really is. But is this guy for real?

While I am quite sure most of us who live in these troubled times here in America might be able to find a way to make ends meet with a measly 400,000 dollars, it is most definitely a slap in the face to hear these words when most of the working poor get by happily (Although not comfortably!) with only one twentieth of that figure!

This shows that while most of us are happy to receive the blessings that we have in the form of a leaking roof over our heads, a home cooked meal and the chance to make it through another day whether it is in a FEMA trailer or not, there are others who are not thankful to their Creator if they even believe in a God or NOT!

The way this country is going he better be glad that he is netting $400,000 instead of grossing it! And God forbid that he has to fall all of the way down to being classified in a middle class status!

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