The Funny Pages – After The Osama Bin Laden Victory, Vice-President Joe Biden Advises President Barack Obama!


Has everyone forgotten how intense the Presidential race was back in 2008?

It really got “WWF” on us to say the least.

Fox News tried their best to sabatoge the campaign of then Senator Barack Obama by running a soundbite and video clip of his Pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Right that was specifically doctored to sound so terrible in order to make the unaware and not to wise mainstream American people not trust the eventual President because of Fox news attempts to fan the flames of ignorance that are already embedded deep in the psyche of this countries fabric.

Well in this Funny Pages feature, Vice President Joe Biden shares a few of his thoughts on President Obama’s wardrobe choices and tries to convince him that he needs to change it or ELSE!

Enjoy it and leave your comments below!

Lance Scurv


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