The Funny Pages – Anthony Weiner Resigns

Will it ever happen one day that a public figure, whether it be a politician, a religious figurehead or a celebrity, will come out to admit their misjudgments BEFORE getting caught?

What is it about our human nature that wants to rant and rave about how much we may have a hidden issue and need help where when the individual was deep into their indulgence they weren’t looking for anything more than to get a bigger dose of their selected vice?

We try to salvage what little sympathy may be abroad from a trusting nearby soul by offering our apologies and stating how much what know that we have hurt the people around us when in fact that was the last thing on their mind when they thought they were cloaked safely in the shadows doing what it was that they were doing!

It’s just an easy way out and in the case of former Congressman Anthony Weiner it’s the beginning of a long campaign back from a sure political death and definitely the first leg (First leg? LOL! I didn’t mean it that way but oh well, pun now intended! LOL!) in damage control. My initial thoughts now how ironic it was that Anthony Weiner’s now pregnant wife, Huma Abedin, who is the current Deputy Chief Of Staff Of The Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton, would have to go through such a public embarassment while working under the woman who is the poster girl of longsuffering under the shadow of a political philanderer of a man name President Bill Clinton!

What a twist of fate!

Anthony Weiner’s wife should have known that fate might have a twisted sense of humor after Bill Clinton presided over their wedding last year in 2010! I would have thought twice about the karma he brings to the table and evident I am correct because look at the legacy that Weiner has begun to construct! At least Bill Clinton became President BEFORE his world came crashing down and believe it or not he is still with us as he has managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat and hypnotize us all to put the Monica Lewinsky scandal behind us as a minor footnote in our recent history!

Good job Bill! LOL!

You are probably the only one who could do this because although you already had a shady history of Booty addiction, we actually liked you!

So when you are liked on such a grand level the masses will tend to overlook ones “discretions” up to a point! So we knew what he was saying when he shouted his now infamous soundbite – “I did NOT have sex with that woman!” They actually gave him an out by asking him the question that way!

What would I have done in that situation if I had to question him?

Well, I would have asked him if he had an orgasm with Monica Lewinsky. He would have been so trapped off knowing that her dress had the residue of his climactic eruption for all of the world to see and enough D.N.A. and sperm cells on it that if they could have been resurrected, would have been enough to populate the globe ten times over. After admitting that he had an orgasm with her what could he have said then? I would have then simply asked him HOW did he achieve orgasm with her and ANY answer would have sunk his ship.

But as far as I could see, Anthony Weiner was not a very well liked individual and is truly viewed as being inclined to being on the stupid side after electronically projecting his penis all over the internet for the world to see even though he claims that it was a mistake.

Now he immediately lost the sympathy from ALL men of the world because deep down most men NEVER knock man (Even if they do not agree with adultery, we kind of turn our head to it because we all know those powerful sensations that a woman can give us!) for trying to get him “some side action” but to do something where their is absolutely no immediate prize is an act of buffoonery that ranks right up there with Bishop Eddie Long sending out pictures of himself to those young boys in a muscle shirt!

Dude! While I do not approve of anyone cheating on their spouse if you got to do what you got to do then DON’T be stupid and leave a trail dummy!

COVER YOUR TRACKS by not making any in the first place dammit!

But one thing our friendly neighborhood Weiner-Man brought to light was how persuasive an on point politician can be with his verbal skills, for a while i believed that it may have been an altered photo or the work of a vindictive person who hacked into his Twitter account. Maybe just maybe I thought to myself that we have here a politician who is speaking the truth!

Was that to much to ask? Maybe it was.

But in wrapping up my rant I will say this – Anthony Weiner will probably get points for good behavior from the other Congressmen to whom I am quite sure have the many skeletons in their closet also. Why? Well because I am sure that Anthony Weiner knows a thing or two about the kinky happenings behind the closed hotel room doors of his constituents and never offered to blow the next man’s secrets up and offer them to the world.

Heck, he gets his “props” from me for handling his unwanted time in the spotlight the way he did even though he went out fighting. Hey, what do you want him to do? I know this much, look at how he denied the accusations so vigorously as if HE was a predatory figure at the media interviews! He continually beat them to the punch in those various interviews and most often dominated them and even intimidated much of the press!

I hate to say it but at the end of the day I kind of admired that about him even though I still think he is on the stupid side for doing what he did. For that verbal assault on the press when he had to know that he would eventually be brought to his knees to me took a lot of balls! LOL!

You KNOW that you did wrong and there ARE photos out there of you floating around but you still mount an attack and take a shot at pushing back the massive tsunami of media attention and evidence with the plastic bucket denial and arrogance!

That’s like the 98 pound weakling in high school balling up his fist to take a swing at knocking out the schoolyard bully who is at least two and a half times his size and a shoo-in to make minced meat out of of him in front of his classmates! Either he is straight “gangsta” with it or maybe he is just plan stupid. May I suggest that he may be a combination of both? For all of his brilliance, education and know how, here we have another man who thought with the wrong head. And you know what? It WON’T be the last!



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