The Funny Pages – Arnold Schwarzenneger’s Very Effective Pickup Line!

It’s not looking good for us men these days! It just seems like everyone out here is cheating!

What’s the deal?

While there is no excuse for this behavior in anyone, why does it appear as though the men who have it all are the most probable? I mean DEAR LORD, have these men forgotten that they are extremely famous and undeniably high profile?

Not only that, in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s case he is more visible than most after a career as a world class bodybuilder, an action movie hero and now the Governor of the State of California.

What in the HECK was on HIS mind?

Well, please don’t answer that because now we ALL know the answer to that one! And just think, the year isn’t even over yet! How do they say it? “Whatever is done in the dark will come out in the light?”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Enjoy the laugh people!


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