The Funny Pages – Barack’s House Negro Wake Up Call!

Whether one admits it or not, this is a realization that every Black man in amerikkka comes to understand at some point of his life. The earlier he understands this, the better he will get along and know how to navigate in a two faced system that already has set limitations for his personal aspirations and career ascensions.

For many we learn this harsh fact at a very young age, but for the few who learn it after they have so called “made it”, it could be a very traumatic situation indeed with very unpredictable consequences. I know that mainstream amerikkka doesn’t think that much of me because of the packaging of the skin that I was born in. That’s okay. That is their sickness. A sickness that has been well documented for literally hundreds of years but one that I refuse to tip toe around as if it is my dysfunction. NO WAY!

I will be as great as God wants me to be and if it doesn’t match up with some sick man’s racist thoughts of what I should be according to his twisted low standards of what I am, then tough! He is NOT my God and didn’t give me the breath of life! And if the truth be told, if he thinks nothing of me then how much do I think of him after reading the history books on how much of a deceiver and murderer HE has been?

Think about it!

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