The Funny Pages – Casey Anthony’s Job Offer

After the “Not Guilty” verdict in the Casey Anthony Trial I wouldn’t be shocked at what happens afterward, I mean, I just have the feeling that the strange twists and turns are not over yet.

This is only the beginning.

Look at how so many men are coming forward to say that they are the father of Caylee Anthony. Look at the media frenzy swirling around everything and anything that can bring higher ratings to these insensitive networks.

You think it is over?


Just wait until Casey Anthony is released, while many have speculated that she will be whisked away silently and under the radar away from the public scrutiny to start a new life, I believe that it would only be a matter of time before she falls victim to the very traits held within that landed her in this mess in the first place!

Mark my words, a leopard never changes its spots.

She will indulge herself in the carnal pleasures of the world until her luck runs out, that’s when she will finally realize the magnitude of her situation and possibly have that long awaited visit from that dreaded entity called karma!

Our youth need to see this and understand that there are some divine benefits to living and obedient, clean and God fearing law abiding life! Take heed!


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