The Funny Pages – Caylee Anthony’s Open Letter To The World!

What would Caylee Anthony really say if she could express her feelings to the entire world? Of course i know that she would still be very young if she were alive but I merely played pretend for a moment in this graphic to drive home a point that I thought was very important. I would love to hear you feedback in the comment box below and very soon I will blog my complete thoughts on this situation as soon as my feelings and perspectives settle. Have a blessed day!


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  • Contessa Miller says:

    Short and sweet, just like the real Caylee. It's to the point; and, quite thought-provoking. As I've heard over and over this week, the case was about winning. It was never about justice for a murdered little girl with duct tape around her mouth.

    Everyone who has followed this case, knows that Casey is a real live nut case. But, what about those who have made an oath to serve, protect, and seek JUSTICE for those who have been harmed?

    Thanks Lance for composing this lovely note from Caylee. I'm sure it will remind others of who is the victim (back then, 3 years ago); and, who is the victor now. Cayley will never be forgotten!

  • JoChurchman says:

    It would seem that many people forgot about this beautiful little ANGEL…

    Let this be a lesson to the world about how precious our children truly are to us!!!

    MANY people were at fault here I believe…….and for this to escape the system to get this far is a sad tale indeed…

    Caylee is in a much better place and no one can hurt her precious soul ever again

    May she rest in peace and always be remembered by this cruel world.. and let them realize just exactly where this human race is headed!!!!

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