The Funny Pages – Concerns Are Raised In The Whereabouts Of Paris Hilton In The Midst Of The Long Island Prostitution Serial Killings!

Who am I to judge?

But I do have a twisted sense of humor and couldn’t resist talking a humorous kick at socialite Paris Hilton.

But in my lightheartedness I by no means would ever make fun of the pain & suffering of those who have lost their loved ones to the twisted desires of the Long Island Serial Killer. I do hope that they catch this creep soon because regardless to the fact that he is killing prostitutes, they are all still God’s children and we never know what they would have developed into as a person with the passage of time.

I mean, not to make excuses for these young ladies who enter into prostitution as a means of making money, but the fact of the matter is that it is not always about money why they get into it. Other than a drug habit most I would say enter into it because of the many unaddressed emotional issues that they might have from a younger age. Which brings me to the question of why I even created this graphic: “What Is Paris Hilton’s Excuse?”


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