The Funny Pages – Conrad Murray: Confessions Of A Wanna-Be Pimp!

It seems to me as though there is the divine law of the letter “P.”

Politicians, Pastors and Physicians who are getting Paid all get caught up in the Pussy ’cause they were only thinking with their Penis and end up having to Pay dearly or go to Prison!

Isn’t it Pitiful? LOL!

But isn’t that the way it always appears to be?

Here we have a damn “yes man” in Dr. Conrad Murray who really didn’t give a damn about Michael Jackson’s health and well being but gave him all that he wanted in the form of drugs to merely keep himself on the receiving end of a money machine that was soon to end for him because of his lack of care and concern.

But he was so arrogant in his hustle that he failed to cover himself and maintain his ability to make that blood money because of his ignorant ass need to text “one of his honeys!”

What a bottom feeder mentality he has!

He should have been studying on how to perform CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) because after all, he is “supposed” to be a doctor right? Well what doctor do YOU know that has to ask a security guard how to perform something so simple as that?

Damn! Even most security guards are taught CPR before they can receive their certification!

So where did “Dr.” Conrad Murry get his credentials to become a doctor?

Out of a cereal box?

Please! Somebody tell me something! ‘Cause even if I was on Michael Jackson’s payroll and getting only 150,000 dollars a month (Heck, most of you would be open so fast like a fresh pack of condoms late at night in the homo ward of the State prison for 150,000 dollars a YEAR in these tough times! Am I right?) I would be a CPR performing fool to keep that man alive so I can keep on getting paid!

But Conrad Murray? He had to text one of his honeys!

Now I hate to get raw with all of you here but there ain’t no pussy that good in the whole wide world and not that all women out here are out to get money from most men but if you are going to put yourself out there in trying to be a player there is one thing you should remember: “Pussy comes when the money is plentiful but pussy goes when the money ain’t there!”

Conrad Murray, I HOPE that you didn’t think those chicks were up under you because you are “all that!”

And if you DID have the nerve to want to even TRY to believe that then you are in for a very huge RUDE AWAKENING after your sentence is pass down!

Put it this way buddy, tell me in four years how many of “your honeys” came to visit you or even sent you a letter while your dumb ass was locked up!

I have spoken.


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