The Funny Pages – Deja’ Vu 9-11?

Ten years after the still horrific World Trade Center terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York City’s lower Manhattan area, the world still doesn’t really know what really happened as fact on that day and does not have a sense of closer.

But the conspiracy theories just wouldn’t exist if we had the absolute rock solid truth that I know the government of the United States has under wraps.

Why do they have this information under wraps? It’s because they had something to do with it in a very big way! I mean, why would a group cold blooded murderers hellbent on world power and world domination tell on themselves voluntarily? The attacks were orchestrated to scare the masses of “sheeple” into giving up their so called rights without a fight! Those who were killed during those attacks were mere pawns who mattered not to the satanic rulers of this world who were really behind this well planned catastrophy.

They slaughtered precious human beings and stole their lives in order to perpetuate a lie that their front man Osama Bin Laden would take the blame for. Now they claim that Bin Laden was caught and killed earlier this year (2011) but died many years ago. But who am I to say and even worse, who am I to be believed?

But consider, you never saw Osama’s remains after being so called “caught and murdered” and the convenient tale of immediately dropping his remains in the ocean in order to prevent him from being martyred is a bold faced lie! That being said, the gullible American people will automatically believe that any subsequent attack on American soil would be only be retaliation for the United States “killing” Osama Bin Laden! It’s a built in excuse that the media will make point to cement thoroughly by bombarding the people with its propaganda over and over!

As far as my words in this particular Funny Pages graphic, why shouldn’t I ask this question if very few or no jews were killed in the Twin Towers when there are usually thousands working in that building on any given day? Am I a hater of the Jewish people? No! But it does look suspect because for many to not show up to work meant that they must have been tipped off to what was planned long before it happened. If this was the case and they are supposed to be such God fearing people then why didn’t they tell EVERYONE not to come in that day? If this is the case then evidently they feel as though their lives are more precious than those of the rest of the human family!

Is this a way for the “so called” chosen people of God to act? Hmmmm.

Makes you think now doesn’t it?

But why isn’t anyone raising these questions to the powers that be or even publicly? Any inquiries I’ve heard on this subject have all been done in a hush hush fashion. Not here. I want to know! And forgive me if I am wrong with my information because if I am I am intelligent enough and humble enough to be corrected but until I am would somebody please have the balls to tell me what is really going on?

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Just know, that I will never be afraid to inquire those around me for the truth!

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