The Funny Pages – Donald Trump Blows His Top!

Donald Trump’s successful attempt to get precious media attention did not go over so well for the image of the republican Party as it has taken yet another bout of irreparable damage as President Barack Obama called their bluff and produced the original Birth Certificate that everyone claimed did NOT exist. In a well timed move that was nothing short of strategic brilliance, President Obama stood atop the podium in an extremely victorious manner and once again came out on top of this entirely foolish controversy and made those in the GOP look totally foolish! The pressure is on the Republican Party to produce their credible front runner as the time seems to be moving faster and faster! This time around the Democratic Party didn’t have to do a damn thing except to allow the Republicans to once again make a fool of themselves as has often been the case in recent weeks.

Now that the only chance to run for President has been snatched away from him, I guess Donald Trump will have to come up with yet another foolish drumbeat to sound…….what will it be next? To accuse First Lady Michelle Obama that she is wearing “butt-lifts” because of her well rounded derriere? I can hear Donald Trump ranting on his next conspiracy theory right now: “Never before in the history of the White House has their been a backside as glorious to grace the chairs on Pennsylvania Ave. like Michelle Obama’s! I sense that something here is just not right!”

Of course not Don, the White House has never seen an ass like Michelle’s up in there because The White House never had a Sister up in there before if you want to know the truth! Some things are just plain old no-brainers! Enjoy!


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