The Funny Pages – Herman Cain’s Confessions Of A Token Negro!


This is going to be one very interesting race for the Presidency of the United States this go round!

If you thought the outlandish comments that were made by the candidates and fanned by the media was off the chain back in 2008 were as bad as it could get, then buckle your seat belts for the ride of your life! How quickly we forget how scathing the attacks were on then Senator Barack Obama for no other reason than for the color of his skin!

Over and over Fox News would try their best to dig up anything that they could find to twist around to come against Barack Obama and eventually thwart his race for the White House which we now know that their efforts were unsuccessful. After experiencing this very public attack on someone who looks like the very African Americans to whom they now want votes from, it seems hypocritical to say that we are brainwashed from reaching out to a party who never wanted to be inclusive of us in the first place!

If you have an acquaintance that always forgets or avoids inviting you to their house parties then after a while why should they be shocked if you don’t ever show up when you are finally extended an invitation to attend? You vehemently attack a Black man publicly so intensely and in essence showing your true colors and then you think that we are dumb enough to want to embrace that crap?


Because it is NOT sincere!

Now, I know in my heart that the Amerikkkan political machine is just about as effective for Black people as thinking that you have a chance at winning a street corner game of three card molly every-time you play it, but most who have witnessed the venom of the Sean Hannity’s, Bill O’Reilly’s, Glenn Beck’s, Sarah Palin’s and Rush Limbaugh’s of the Republican/Conservative/ Hijacked Tea Party, one wouldn’t have to be surprised why most Blacks merely settle for going Democrat out of taking the lesser of two evils.

What choice is there really?

And now this man is going to say that we are brainwashed?

Well I say that he is out of touch!

You see, this can sometimes happen to a Black man who has been successful for a time in an Amerikkka that makes it tough to break through the various barriers and glass ceilings that are put in place for us to keep us in check. Do I feel it is impossible to be successful in this land of apple pie and racism? No! No mere man or system can stop me or discourage me from succeeding if in fact I have a strong goal to reach in my heart.

Granted, Herman Cain has been successful in the business world and I take my hat off to him for that! He is a cancer survivor so he has had to endure a personal tragedy that many of us didn’t have to endure. His track record for the most part has been a very inspirational ride and is a plus for him and all who experience his personal story as he runs for president. I would be a fool to not have positive feelings in this aspect of his life.

But the Black experience on these shores for most of us have not been embraced by the Republican party with open welcoming arms at all! So as a man who is out of touch who is HE to say that Black people are brainwashed? Let me ask you, is this a requirement of any Black person to be in the Republican party that you must say dumb ass comments about Black people to jump through the hoops to show the old southern crackas that you are “not like the rest of ’em and therefore being granted a limited membership into a club that wasn’t for you in the first place?”

Well with such pre-civil rights movement attitude expect to lose any chance of winning over the confidence of the Black diaspora that you thought that you may have had in the first place! And to think otherwise is to be truly delusional and BRAINWASHED!

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