The Funny Pages – How “Rush” Limbaugh Got His First Name!

The self professed “Amerikkka’s Anchorman” Rush Limbaugh, has made quite a career pandering to the fears of his Right Wing followers who “want to take THEIR country back” by blaming all the ills of the present day on the Left Wing faction of government and society.

These ever present “fears” that his fans believe that they feel are based on the fear of retribution from those to whom have been wronged when this country was stolen from the original people who were here that existed peacefully from shore to shore and those who were brought here against their will to build up this country to the greatness that it “appeared” to have once possessed not too long ago for a time. But his well engineered, well placed and perfectly timed rhetoric has been very effective indeed in helping to polarize those who are foolish enough to not think for themselves and follow this pill popping junkie!

He also takes every opportunity available to take a swipe at President Barack Obama really for no other reason than the fact that he is a Black Man in the White House.

Am I afraid to say this? No. ‘Cause I just did.

But if you listen to Rush Limbaugh and all of his supporters long enough, they will have you believe that he is the true voice of America and that anyone who doesn’t believe 100% in their political philosophies should be banished out of sight! As far as I am concerned, “the game of politricks” is an indulgence that never allows us all to be winners but keeps us all distracted for the purpose of not seeing who the real entities are who pull the strings of power from the shadows, so I can’t really be mad at Rush because he is only executing his divisive mission! …….and besides the oxycontin driven stupor that he is well known for he seems to do his job quite well!

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