The Funny Pages – “Hypocrisy 101”

President Barack Obama’s stance on reaching out to everyone seemed to be a breath of fresh air to the prior Bush regime where it almost always seemed to be a witch hunt to oppress the oppressed to even more intense levels of pain, poverty and discomfort.

Well sometimes being ignored can hurt just as bad. Now trust me, I was not cut from the cloth that felt that since a Black president was “elected” into office that all of my debts should be forgiven and all Black people should be given a free ride and not be responsible or accountable for their lives.

No way!

But dang!

If you are going to openly proclaim that you are going to extend the power of your office to ALL communities in this country and in actuality in the WORLD, then why would you be so apprehensive to aid where necessary the community that is hurting and suffering the most?

President for everyone? YOU DECIDE!

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